Marcella Britto


Hometown: Deerfield Beach, Florida
School: Pompano Beach
Sponsor District : District 6990
Sponsor Club: Coconut Creek, Florida
Host District: TBA
Host Club: TBA

My Bio

Hallo! My name is Marcella Britto. I am a 16 year-old student at Pompano Beach High School. I came to the United States from São Paulo, SP, BRA four years ago. My family consists of me, my mom, dad, eldest sister, middle sister and dog; I am very close with my family. I like to think of myself as an active person and positive person; I like all sports, from volleyball to pedal boarding. I am also very fond of music of all kinds and as I result I sing and dance all day! My favorite subject in school is math and science, the more exact subjects. I also like reading and watching criminal justice shows. I wish to one day have a career in the justice system or medical field. One of the reasons why I chose to take this risk in life and travel abroad is because I enjoy languages. I am really impressed of how people can communicate all over the world and share ideas; its fascinating! I hope I master the incredibly difficult german language and fit in over there. I hope to challenge myself this year to come because as Mary Kay Ash once said "Don't limit yourself. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve."