Mikayla Eger


Hometown: Lecanto, Florida
School: Lecanto
Sponsor District : District 6950
Sponsor Club: Crystal River-Kings Bay, Florida
Host District: TBA
Host Club: TBA

My Bio

Hello, my name is Mikayla Eger and I am super excited to represent my country as an exchange student in Brazil for 2017/2018. I am 17 years old and attend Lecanto High School. At school I play volleyball and swimming , and have previously competed in other sports such as track and weightlifting. Other than sports I have many other interests as well. My friends and I do everything together, our favorite activities include hiking and spending long days at the beach. Thankfully for me I have never lived far from the water , of which enables me to go kayaking and paddle boarding often. I would describe myself as a very happy and outgoing person. I am open to trying new things , and love having a good time where ever I go. I first knew I wanted to travel when I would beg my grandpa for hours to tell me all about his unique experiences traveling. So when I told my parents that I wanted to go on an exchange, they were not surprised at all. Traveling has always been a strong interest of mine. While I have not been able to go to many places yet, I hope after my year in Brazil to continue to travel all over the world. I am beyond thankful for my parents and Rotary for turning my dreams into reality. As an exchange student I hope to gain a new perspective on the world, and get out of my comfort zone. I am counting down the days until my year in Brazil, and look forward to making many lifelong memories!