Natasha, Outbound to Taiwan

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So, it's been a little under a month since I have come to the island of Taiwan, and while everyday isn't an epic adventure, I have been immensely enjoying my time here. After traveling for nearly a day I was greeted at the airport by my my families, exchange students and other Rotary members. I thought my Chinese was pretty okay, but after being surrounded by it constantly I realized I have much to learn. My listening comprehension has definitely improved the most since arriving, but I have had A LOT of practice speaking as well. My second day here I went with my host mom to Taipei 101 and the Chiang Kai-Sek Memorial. The memorial is absolutely beautiful! It reminds me of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. One thing that really surprised me is that by the memorial there are concert halls, and there were several groups of students dancing in from it. Street dancing is really popular here and there anywhere there is a large free space, the re are groups that meet up to dance.

One of the things I absolutely love here is the MRT (subway) system! I've used the subway in New York City, but I was always pretty confused and it was my parents who always made sure we were going the right way. In Taiwan, after one use of the MRT, I was able to use it myself. Everything is in Chinese AND English, so I'm able to read the maps and the signs. I have an easy card, so every week I put some money on it and I'm good to go! It helps that my apartment building is directly above one of the stations, so I don't need to take buses very often. I love being able to go anywhere I want whenever I want (with my host parents permission of course) and it's really great to be able to meet up with the friends I have made here!