Nouni Nasser


Hometown: Lake Mary, Florida
School: Lake Mary
Sponsor District : District 6980
Sponsor Club: Lake Mary, Florida
Host District: TBA
Host Club: TBA

My Bio

Oi, meu nome é Nourhan Nasser. I live in Lake Mary, Florida and I'm going to be an exchange student in Brazil. I moved to the United States about four years ago from a tiny country called Lebanon. I am the youngest of three children and currently live with my mother and sister. My father and brother live back in Lebanon where my family is. I am a very extroverted and loud person and I enjoy hanging out with my friends in my spare time. I am very involved in school academics and extracurricular activities. I am a four year varsity waterpolo player and swimmer and a member of National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Art Appreciation, and the Biology and Medicine Club. I also currently have two part time jobs; working at Chikfila and my family's pizzeria. I have always been interested in learning about different cultures and languages because I am bicultural and have always wanted to expand my horizons. By learning a new language I will be able to experience a completely different way of life and become exposed to a different perspective of the world and Brazilian culture. I am going into this program with only what I have learned online and from other people but I can't wait to actually experience everything firsthand. I am so thankful to Rotary for allowing me to embark on this once in a lifetime experience and life journey.