Paula Basantes


Hometown: Weston, Florida
School: Cypress Bay
Sponsor District : District 6990
Sponsor Club: , Florida
Host District: TBA
Host Club: TBA

My Bio

Nǐ hǎo! My name is Paula Basantes. I was born in Ecuador (Quito) but I moved to the United States almost three years ago. Now I am living in Florida and it is very hot! I like to spend my free time by playing the guitar, playing video games or drawing. These activities help me relax and forget about the bad stuff in life. I will become an exchange student through the Rotary Younth Exchange Program traveling to Taiwan. I was a little surprised by the place at first but I have become to feel more anxious about it. The language might be one of the biggest changes I will have to accomplish because Spanish and English are totally not very similar to Mandarín and the words pronunciation are very important be understandable. I learned that "Wô" is "I" and that "Wō" is nest, so I'm looking forward to saying nest many times. The thing that I want to learn in this process is to become more social with other people that I don't know and to learn a new language. This will be one of the most interesting adventures of my life and I will enjoy it to the fullest and work hard on it too so it doesn't become a scary situation for me.