Pessi Lansirinne


Hometown: Alpharetta, Georgia
School: Chattahoochee
Sponsor District : District 6900
Sponsor Club: North Fulton, Georgia
Host District: TBA
Host Club: TBA

My Bio

Hello, My name is Pessi Lansirinne and I am sixteen years old. I'm originally from Finland but my family decided to move to Atlanta couple of years ago. This made me to realize how big the world is. Now I would like to learn more and experience new cultures and places. I live with my parents and my little brother in Alpharetta, Georgia. I go to Chattahoochee High School and I'm now a sophomore (10th grader). I like my school's safe, friendly, and international environment. I like to keep myself busy. My hobbies are swimming, under water rugby, skiing, playing piano and guitar, and making origami. I also belong to my High School's Technology Student Association. After graduating from a university, I hope to become a physicist and maybe some day I will start my own science company. My life is busy right now. I don't have much free time due to daily swimming and schoolwork; when I do have spare time, I like to relax or hang out with my friends. Meeting new interesting people is important to me. As a Rotary outbound candidate, I hope to achieve a life changing experience in another country. I hope to become fluent in a new language, to meet people, and to get life-long friendships. I have positive attitude to learn and experience totally new cultures and to reach better understanding of the whole world.