Quinn Varcoe


Hometown: Naples, Florida
School: Lely
Sponsor District : District 6960
Sponsor Club: Collier County, Florida
Host District: TBA
Host Club: TBA

My Bio

I'm Quinnlan Varcoe. I am interested in many things to do with electronics. I am also interested in linguistics and science. I am a computer gamer, programmer, runner, and ultimate Frisbee player. I'm excited to do this foreign exchange, I really am interested in exploring a new culture and meeting new people. My hobbies shift frequently and I am sure that I can become interested in what ever new thing comes up in the country I am going to, Belgium. I spend a lot of my time studying in school, for good grades, and when I am not in school I prefer to spend my time online learning new things, because I love learning so much, learning a foreign language, or many sounds wonderful and extremely useful in today's global world. I am very happy that Belgium was picked for me, especially because they have 3 official languages spread out throughout their small country. I have a brother, sister, mother and father, and I have really close friends down here in Florida who I really consider a big part of my own life and even part of my family. I know when I go on this exchange we will all stay connected and share our experiences throughout the year! Once again I can't wait to go on this adventure and represent the United States and the Rotary Youth Exchange as an ambassador!