Will Harbison


Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida
School: Bishop Kenny
Sponsor District : District 6970
Sponsor Club: Riverside, Jacksonville, Florida
Host District: TBA
Host Club: TBA

My Bio

你好! My name is Will Harbison and I am 17 years old. I am currently in High School at Bishop Kenny High School, and I will be spending my senior year of high school in Taiwan! I have been living in Jacksonville all my life with my parents, and my older brother, Richard. I also have a cat, Francine, and a dog, Lucy. I have had the privilege of traveling a lot in my life, but I have never been to Asia, so this will be a completely new experience for me. Outside of school, I am currently working on the final steps to become an Eagle Scout, with Troop 2. I also enjoy playing sports, some of the sports I have participated in are: Cross country, Track, Lacrosse, Wrestling, and Crew (rowing). I am also taking Spanish at my school, and I previously was learning latin. In my free time, I also enjoy hanging out with friends, swimming, and cooking. I am excited to experience a different culture because it is something that is a once in a lifetime opportunity, I may never get to do something quite like this again, so I hope to make this experience memorable!