Ana, Outbound to Brazil

Oi Gente!!

It’s crazy for me to be writing my first journal because I remember me reading theses journals about two years ago and it was when I realized that I wanted to be an exchange student. I've been in Brazil for almost a month. So let me start from the beginning. I woke up at about 4:30 in the morning on August 3rd. My flight from Gainesville was supposed to leave at 6:30 ish, but then got cancelled for maintenance reasons. Long story short … I was able to leave Gainesville at about 3:30 in the afternoon arrived in Miami at 4:30 ish later took my flight to Sao Paulo, Brazil (which also got delayed) at 10:20ish at night. So instead of arriving in Brazil at 11:30pm on August 3rd. I ended up arriving August 4th at about 8:15 in the morning, it was really great, I loved it. But all that I really cared about is that I got to Brazil safely and my luggage didn’t get lost ( which it didn’t :)). I stayed in Sao Paulo for two days at my host Uncle’s house. It was good because I got to calm down a bit and start to get to know my family. After those days I arrived (after about a 5 hour drive) in my beautiful city, Carmo do Rio Claro. Now I thought Gainesville was small this town is about 3 times smaller. I mean it's a small city. But even though it’s small I actually love it! You can get around the city by walking (which I couldn't do in Gainesville), you can hang out with friends and you honestly make such good friends and such good bonds that you forget your in a small city. School is SO different, the system, the teachers in the classes, the environment, atmosphere, everything! For me right now it’s kinda boring only because I can’t read or write therefore it's harder for me to participate. But I’m getting there. I absolutely LOVE my class, they are crazy (!), funny, and welcomed me so kindly they make me going to school each day great. I honestly got so lucky with my host family I love them so much, they really welcomed me and made me feel a part of their family on day one. I have one host sister and brother (but he is on exchange in Florida right now), I have such a great bond with my host sister. She is my best friend, and honestly feels like my sister. She also happens to be in my class. She makes my exchange so much better. Also after this past month of her talking with me and her brother she wants to be an exchange student, and wants to go to the USA, so I’m that much happier. Food here is great but definitely different. Brazilians eat SO much food. My 3rd day in the city my class made a lunch for my to welcome me and I’ve never seen so much food fit into a human. Some of my favorite food items here are Paçoca, Bolo de Cenoura, and Açaí. This is mainly desserts, but I will admit a lot of Brazilian desserts are really sweet so I didn’t like everything but I will try everything again to say that I truly don’t like something, because exchange student rule number one say yes to everything. My family is so nice, they buy me food that I like, and always making sure I feel good, and that I am happy. My third week here I went to a city called Tres Pontas and met my Chairwoman and got to meet the exchange students in my district, it was so cool because we had the same reaction to a lot of the new things to us here in Brazil and talked about trips we want to take and more. So far I haven't really bumped into a very big problem, or a problem that was worth talking here haha. But right now it’s definitely the honeymoon stage of my exchange so let's see how long it will last (haha). But I’m honestly so happy and I find the country of Brazil crazy, but I love it all the more. All of this wouldn't be possible with Rotary, my parents, and friends. So from the bottom of my heart Muito Obrigada to everyone who has helped me get to where I am and thank you to everyone for giving me this great opportunity.

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