Lizzy Landauer


Hometown: Gainesville, Florida
School: Gainesville High School
Sponsor District : District 6970
Sponsor Club: Rotary Club of Downtown Gainesville, Florida
Host District: TBA
Host Club: TBA

My Bio

Tere!! Hello, My name is Elizabeth (Lizzy) Landauer and thanks to Rotary Youth Exchange Florida I will be living in Finland next year! I could not be more excited to embark on this amazing journey with an open mind ready to embrace every opportunity I get. But first, a little bit about myself. I am a sixteen year old in 10th grade at Gainesville High School. I have two lovely parents, Leslie and Peter Landauer and am the youngest of four children; Jacob, Sarah, Laura and me. I have lived in Gainesville, Florida my whole life (go Gators!) but love traveling around the country as I have traveled along all the east coast, up to Maine and have traveled to California. I am a very energetic person as I am always laughing, singing or smiling. I have done sports all my life, such as soccer and am currently on a club swim team. When I’m not swimming or doing loads of homework, I like to hang out with my friends and talk, play music, do a photo shoot or workout. I also have a passion for music as I play guitar, ukulele, piano and sing. I hope to continue my musical adventures throughout my exchange and meet life long friends, families and dogs. I wish to become pretty fluent in the language and experience all the culture and beauty of Estonia. I am also excited to see what kind of person I become through this and where this journey will take me. Can’t wait for adventures ahead!