Anne, Outbound to Italy

Hey everyone! I can't believe that I have already been here for almost a month! It's so crazy it doesn't even feel like it has been a month. I absolutely love it here and I absolutely adore my host family! It's almost like my family back home except Italian. My host mom is super sweet and an amazing cook and treats me like her own daughter as well as my host dad, speaking of my host dad he is super funny and likes making jokes with me and teasing me, and my host sister and I are like real sisters! Me, her, and her friends often go out together for dinner, gelato (I love gelato so much), a festival, or we go to sort of like a mini fair, we also have been to Milan (where I bought a movie in Italian), and then we walked to China Town. The second I arrived my entire host family welcomed me with warm arms and we have done so much together. They took me to their house in the mountains and we went on a hike, then we went to a traditional parade/festival to celebrate the animals coming down from the mountains it was so cool! And they have also taken me to Cremona a couple of times. I really like my school and my teachers and love my friends at school. They had no problem welcoming me on the first day and make me feel like I belong. Everything is so different here. The way people talk to each other, the family structure, the school, the expectations of children, even the way people think, and eating meals here is very different too! At home for lunch I would make a sandwich and have some chips (or have school lunch if I am at school ) but here? Oh no that is not an acceptable meal. They usually have pasta (of course) meat, cheese, bread ,and then after that fruit (and sometimes gelato after that) and they all eat together. Another thing is my Italian has improved a lot since I have been here. I struggle to understand most of time but I can form full coherent sentences (very badly conjugated but still...) And I can communicate if I need something. I also love my exchange friends alot. It is so interesting to see so many international people in one place! It's like exploring more of the world without being there. I have so much planned while I am here as well! Next week I am going with Rotary and the other exchange students to Rome! In early November I am going with my host sister to a cosplay convention, for New year's me and my host family are going back to the mountains to celebrate, and so much more! I am so very excited for everything! Well goodbye for now and I will keep you all updated.


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