Hannah, Outbound to Taiwan

my most recent post as of January 25th


On Monday we went on a field trip to the Sansia District, this was also the day I did my takeover of @ryeflorida s instagram. In the Sansia District we went to a local temple. This temple was meant to give students food luck. Then we walked around and went into a few shops and then we went to another place to create little leather bags. We painted something onto the bags, I’m not sire of the name but I think it was to make the leather soft and shiny. Then we went to eat lunch. We were on a field trip because our school was taking exams.


Tuesday was a regular school day.


On Wednesdays our school has a meeting in the early morning that the exchange students don’t have to attend. However, this Wednesday we did. We introduced ourselves in Chinese. I forgot to bring my jacket and flag but I was on time!! After that, we went back to our classes for a few hours and then we got together again for our English culture class. Since it is October and Halloween is this month, our teacher planned out an activity for us. We learned about the history of Halloween and then we drew paper masks (I drew the joker). Then she brought out a few squashes and pumpkins. We carved them and put little candles inside, they turned out well.

Thursday was also a regular day of school, but on my way home walking down the stairs I tripped several times and twisted my ankle a bit. Luckily, nobody was around so they didn’t see me being dumb and also I was close to the house.


On Friday I got ready for school like usual, but my host parents took me to the doctor to treat my foot. It was very different than american clinics. It was quiet, and we were the only patients there. I didn’t get my weight taken, or blood pressure checked, the doctor just got straight to the problem. I didn’t break anything, I just slightly sprained it and the doctor gave me about 3 days of rest. Which is convenient because it’s on the weekend, but also inconvenient because it’s on the weekend but I’m o 


October 25th

I went to a Rotary dinner with my host family.


October 26th

Rotary threw a Halloween party for d3481. Giovanna, Eryk and I dressed up as vampires.


October 27th

I went to d3482’s event where we carried buckets with food in it to a temple.


October 29th

Our Chinese class had a field trip to the Lin Family mansion.


November 2nd

I went to Ximen with Eryk and Kaneta. We visited an arcade that kaneta’s obsessed with and played a dancing game.


November 3rd - November 5th

Rotary trip to Kinmen. On Kinmen we went on a mini bike tour, visited the zhaishan tunnel, Generals fortress, Hujingtou battle museum, Moran street, ceramic factory where we painted wind lion gods as well as other local factories and businesses.

day 69

November 16th

Country fair.

The students from districts 3481 & 3482 came together and set up a table to introduce our country to future exchange students with food, photos, books, and knick knacks.

day 77

November 24th

Wuling farm.

My host family took me on a trip to Wuling farm in Taichung, it was really beautiful

day 82

November 29th


Our school took us on a trip to Tamsui, we went on a walking tour of local historical sites.

day 83

November 30th

Celebrating Kaneta’s birthday!

day 91

December 8th

Secret Santa reveal!!

Lindsey revealed herself to be my secret Santa and it was epic. The Americans has an organized secret Santa gift giving thing going on.

day 94

December 11th

Lindsey and i went to a Mexican restaurant and got sick from the WARM horchata. They did not have ice!

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