Hannah Joseph


Hometown: Clearwater, Florida
School: SPC Clearwater
Sponsor District : District 6950
Sponsor Club: Rotary Club of , Florida
Host District: TBA
Host Club: TBA

My Bio

Hello! My name is Hannah Rebekah Jospeh and currently I am a sophomore and 16 years old. I am taking classes at my local community college here in Clearwater, Florida, as a dual enrollment student, it’s just five minutes away! I live with my mom, my brother Ezekiel, my sister Chloe, and our cat Ruby. I’ve lived in two other countries previously, Trinidad and Mexico. My dad is from Trinidad and my sister was born in Mexico. It was a great experience and I’ve always wanted to do something similar, Rotary given me this fantastic opportunity and I look forward to living in Taiwan, meeting my host family (and maybe their pets too...) and learning even more about Taiwanese culture and their heritage. I can’t wait to try the new foods there and visit the sights such as Sun Moon Lake and Taroko National Park. Outside of school I enjoy reading, rock climbing, watching movies, boating, listening to music, hanging out with my friends and siblings, and trying new foods! I’ve studied Spanish for several years, and I’ve recently taken up fencing. I enjoy English and history class the most. I’ve also taken a couple of theatre tech classes at Ruth Eckerd Hall, as well as stage makeup and stage combat. Stage combat is a lot of fun and I recommend you try it if given the opportunity. I helped with my high schools production of ‘The Great Gatsby’, it was a hit!