Hannah Edwards


Hometown: Tallahassee, Florida
School: Leon
Sponsor District : District 6940
Sponsor Club: Rotary Club of Tallahassee, Florida
Host District: TBA
Host Club: TBA

My Bio

Hello my name is Hannah. I am currently a sophomore at Leon High School. I have lived in Tallahassee, Florida my whole life. I will be spending my Junior year in Thailand (which I am super excited about). In school I am involved in Color Guard which is a part of band, we spin flags; rifles and sabers. I live with my mom and my aunt. I am excited to get this opportunity. I have always wanted to go to another country and learn a different language. The Asian countries have always interested me the most. I love learning about their culture and their languages have always fascinated me. I am super happy I got Thailand. They have an amazing language and lots of historical sights. I found the exchange program through a presentation in my class and I was super excited. I know a lot of people who have done it and they all really enjoyed the experience. I will miss being in Color Guard       (they don’t have it in Thailand) but I will find other things to be apart of and still have fun. I can not wait for this amazing experience of going to Thailand. I am really looking forward to meeting new people and getting to know a new culture.