Jaylyn, Outbound to Germany

Wow this is my very first journal and I’ve been here for over 5 months. Where can I start off I don’t even know. LOL. So I arrived in Germany August 9th, can’t believe it’s been that long. I was warmly greeted by my first and third host family, along with my Counselor and YEO. And immediately they spoke German to me, and I looked so confused and tired, that they had to speak to me in English. I did feel bad though cause I wanted to speak German with them. Anyways my first day went so good my host and I went to a party together and I was my first one. Everyone their was either a past exchange student or knew all about exchange and Rotary. So that was very different for me. A couple weeks after that I started school, in Johannes Kepler gymnasium. And I got put into 10th grade which was kinda annoying but it ended up being good. I made friends easily everyone was so open and nice to exchange students. It seemed like every other day I was out with friends having so much fun and struggling to speak German (which people thought was funny for me to try.). I became friends with exchange students fast too they’re all funny and crazy. I also joined a soccer team which was fun. The start of my exchange was like a movie. I even got to go on my first date with this nice German boy. But we ended up being friends so it’s still okay. Fast toward to October, I had a crazy two weeks. The first week was spent in Halle, where the terrorist attack happened and my friends and I actually were on the streets while it was happening, but we ended fine. Still scary though, because I was on the phone with my Dad when it happened. And he kinda freaked out cause I said I had to go somethings going on. So that was kinda a nightmare for him to experience cause his daughter was put into a dangerous situation, but I told him how everything is fine and how we’re hiding and all safe. Anyways to the next week I went to Spain for my first time with my host family. It was amazing but tiring. 2 hour flight and a 6 hour drive to the mansion. But my host sister and I slept the whole time so it was okay. But it was amazing the view I fell in love with it. Plus I missed the beach and being tan and the heat and luckily I got it all back their, hehe. I learned how to surf even which takes all your energy out but it’s okay. Then I got to meet my host families friends and their kids. And I ended up becoming good friends with the boy there. And I’m still friends with him to this day. I had a lot of great adventures there, from walking down to the beach at 3 am, to playing this werewolf Board game with the other kids (which I highly recommend to anyone cause it’s fun). Anyways my first holiday without my family it was Halloween. I handled that pretty well actually, I hung out with some friends and got chased by people in costumes and even went trick or treating. But I also got a tiny concussion cause my phone hit my face, oops. (I know I’m clumsy.) Then I Thanksgiving hit which was kinda hard for me but I got through it. My host family ended up celebrating it with me so that was very fun. Shortly after I moved to my second host family. Who I immediately fit right into, and they loved me a lot. We always made funny jokes and understood each other like a family. We even all went ice skating together which was fun too. They had a daughter and son who were just a year or two younger than me. So that was nice. Her and I both had a boyfriend (I know not allowed) and we all hungout a lot and became all super close with each other. Shortly after a month an incident did happen at my now ex boyfriends party so I was forced to leave Hannover for my safety. (All I need to say is be careful.). It was very hard for me to take on and for everyone else. Cause my host family really did love and care about me, and leaving my boyfriend was hard but I got over it pretty quick. But leaving my friends and family really hurt and was super hard. Because I moved to a new city, where I didn’t know anyone. And it was hard for me to open to the new family cause they expected so much out of me. Also they didn’t know what happened nor cared to know which made it harder. Because at that time I needed support and I didn’t even have any not even from my parents back home it felt like. All I had I felt like was some Rotary people who I thank everyday for helping me to be where I am now. I did make friends super easy in the new school so that was super easy for me. I also celebrated Christmas with them which wasn't hard for me and but I cried some but got over it. But then I went to my Rotary weekend and found out my new host family complained so much about me. Then they said how they were about to kick me out and let Rotary deal with me. Which made life even harder then it already has been, and I got told I can choose to stay or leave and go to a different city and family. And that’s exactly what I did (I told myself I’ve been through so much already I can handle this too.). And now I’m often called very strong and a fighter for what I’ve been through and how I’ve pushed through it. So here I am now in my new AMAZING host family. Still meeting with friends from my last city (Salzwedel) and now living in Stendal. Which I think is okay. I’m in a new school which I’ll start Monday. And I’m on a volleyball team which is something I never though I do not be good at. But my coach tells me how I’m very good for just playing so I love playing it. And everyone is so nice it’s a boys and girls team so that’s different for me. I’ve also started going to the gym, which is something I’ve always wanted to do and now are. And I might even start on a football team so I can keep my mind busy. And I think it helps keeping my mind busy or myself busy, because it helps with the homesickness and what’s happened here. Also speaking of homesickness I’ve handled that well I think, yeah I have cried some but I’m human so it’s fine. Anyways I leave June 18th and I can’t believe it’s that close it’s shocking. I kinda want to go back but at the same time no. I love it here. But I think this is it for now until next time.

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