Mia, Outbound to Brazil

Oi! It has been 4 months since I have been in this amazing county! I am living in a small town called Petropolis. It is a little mountain town about an hour away from Rio de Janeiro. When I first got on the plan here I really had no idea what to expect. For some reason I was not that scared or nervous I think because so much was going on in my life and everything was about to change that there was no time to be scared. But of course saying goodbye to my friends and family was like the hardest thing ever. And there was many tears and many feelings. When traveling by myself most of the time I was just paranoid that I was not going to make it on my flights on time. But everything worked out and there was nothing to worry about. I had a night flight so I landed in Rio de Janeiro at about 10 in that mourning. Once I got there my whole host family came running to me and gave me the sweetest welcome so I was no longer nervous. Once we left the airport I was just so amazed by my surrounding. Every thing in my life had changed. Especially the way people drive.(There are the craziest/scariest drivers in Brazil). But now I am proud to say that I am used to it.

My first month here I did tons of things like starting school. Which is so much more different then school in the USA. Here I go to a small private school called Pensi . In Brazil it is normal to go the private school if you can afford it because public school is not so good. But I have learn to love going to this small school. I study in the afternoon which is also so different for me. My school start most days at 1:40 to 7:10. My class is very small we only have 13 kids in it. I am in the 2nd grade which is like the same as 11th grade in the USA. Being in a small school it was easy to get to know everyone and become friends fast. Also Brazilians are the sweetest most welcoming people ever! I live about 40 minute drive from school but it usually takes me a hour to go by bus which is what I mostly do.

I had a host sister for the first 2 weeks here her name was Anna. I love her and we really got along super well but unfortunately she had to leave to go on here exchange too. So then it was just me and my host parents. But there are very sweet and we have had some hard time but we are very close now. In my town there are 4 exchange students. One from Denmark her name is Freja, Mexico his name is Rodrigo, and one from Venezuela his name is Diego. I am really close with the girl Freja. There are also 11 more exchange students in Rio. We go there lot and hang out with them.

So far in Brazil so much has happen but I will share some of my best memories. On my second week they brought me to see the beaches in Rio. It was so amazing I started crying. After this I went on a Rotary trip to Caragutatuba. I met all the exchange student for the first time. After this I went to many birthday parties. I did a project with my school and we feed the homes in town. I went to my first music festive called Rock in Rio with my best friends. Then went on anther Rotary trip to Campos do Jordao, Hung out with may friends in Rio, went to Sugarloft with some exchange students, then had some friend visit my town we did a big hike and swam in a waterfall. After this I went to Rio again for a Rotary costume party. One of my friend brought me to Buzios which is just and amazing beach town. Went to Christ the redeemer,hung out with many friend in my town for a awhile. Then I went to an amazing 15th birthday party which is a really big deal in Brazil. Finally my most resent adventure was to Vassouras with Rotary. We went to a water park and had a Christmas celebration with them. Now I am back in my town but plan to go to Rio on Thursday because I am now on summer break! Till next time! Tchau!!!!

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