Tytus, Outbound to Thailand

So, my name is Tytus Simmons and I’m the outbound to Thailand, and it has been an amazing adventure so far. Let’s start from the beginning for those of you who are looking for something substantial to read, when thinking about exchange. I have never been on an airplane, so my first flight was out of Tampa International, to the Chicago O'Hare airport. Then from Chicago, I flew to Tokyo, Japan, then to Bangkok, Thailand. So I had around 24 hours in flights and layovers as my first experience. Not bad at all but the jet lag was terrible. The United States and Thailand, are now currently at a 12 hour time difference. So if it’s noon here, it is midnight in the States. But all of my host families met me at the airport and greeted me, which was awesome. On exchange there will be many downs, and sometimes you will think that there is nothing to do or that nothing will help. But then the next day comes around and it's the best day ever. There are many ups with exchange as well, you will see that your language will improve. Being in Thailand, Thai is one of the hardest languages to learn, hands down. But if you are persistent with your language then there won’t be an issue, it will just take time. I have been persistent with my Thai and I can see an obvious improvement. Language, is a big part of the exchange, but it is not all of exchange. There are many things that do not require the native language that can be an amazing experience. For me, living in the city of Bangkok, traveling around the city has given me many amazing experiences. I’ve traveled the country where I have seen so many amazing things that I will remember for life, and exchange has given me this opportunity to see all of this. One of my most memorable experiences, comes from hanging out with the other exchange students in my district, where we traveled to the north for Christmas and New Years. When we traveled there, I got to experience different things with everyone, that I will never forget. Barbeques and wooden Go-Kart races, everything that I had done with them was amazing. You get to meet those people who are in your same situation and can relate to things you are going through. All in all, exchange has given me a multitude of things that I will remember, and for anyone that comes here to Thailand, welcome, and don’t be scared to talk and learn. That is a big thing here, they talk fast and it sounds different, but listen for words you know, and build upon your knowledge for the future. Things to keep in mind when coming to Asia for exchange, if you have not been here already, there is a lot that is different here. Everything from food to restrooms, to how you eat. But, some things are better in that aspect, and you won’t know until you try it. So always try to say yes to something, you might enjoy something that you previously thought you would not enjoy.
Sincerely, Tytus Simmons, Outbound to Thailand.

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