Cassie Moyers  

Rotary Club of Bartram Trail 

Youth Protection Officer
Karen Lickiss Weiss, Ph.D.

Rotary Club of DeLand

Inbound Chair 
Scott Burgess

Rotary Club of Bartram Trail 

Outbound Chair
Barb Kent

Rotary club of Amelia Island Sunrise

Outbound Vice Chair/Recruitment
Leanza Mayo

Rotary Club of St. Augustine 

Outbound Vice Chair/Training
Erica Burns

ROTEX-Taiwan 2013-14

Applications Coordinator

Wendy Johannsen

STEP Chair (Short Term Exchange Program)   
Andrew Peterson 

Rotary Club of Jacksonville Oceanside 

Insurance Coordinator

Barbara Rubel
Rotary Club of Fleming Island

Senior ROTEX 

Web Support & Journals
Ed Dalton,

Rotary Club of Ponte Vedra Beach

Events / Social Media Coordinator


Local Coordinator - Fernandina Beach 
John Boylan

Rotary Club of Fernandina Beach

Local Coordinator - SW Duval County 
Craig Fertenbaugh 

Rotary Club of Mandarin

Local Coordinator - Greater JAX Area  
Vicki-Lynne Gloger  

Rotary Club of South Jacksonville  
Duval area private schools 

Local Coordinator - Clay County 
Catrine Fredrikson 

Rotary Club of Fleming Island

Local Coordinator - Clay County 
Göran Fredrikson 

Rotary Club of Orange Park Sunrise

Local Coordinator - Volusia County
Tracey Grinnen

Rotary Club of Debary-Deltona-Orange City

Local Coordinator - Gainesville Area
Janice Legler

Rotary Club of Gainesville 

Local Coordinator - NW St. Johns
Mike Birch

Rotary Club of St. Johns

Local Coordinator - Flagler / Palm Coast Area


Local Coordinator - Ormond / Daytona Area


District Governor
Mike Darragh

Rotary Club of South Jacksonville

Rich Turnbull

Rotary Club of Coastal St. Johns County

District 6970 Rotary Youth Exchange Committee Resume

District Chair

Appointed by District Governor for a term of 3 years as per Rotary International Guidelines and agrees along with District Governor & District Youth Protection Officer to sign RI Youth Protection Guide Acknowledgement form. Ensure all Department of State, Rotary International, RYE Florida (multi-district) and RYE D6970 regulations for volunteers; host families and YEAH database is maintained, manage database alert system notifying Inbound Chair and ROTEX Coordinator of any concerns. Serves as voting District Representative on RYE Florida Board. Appoints RYE 6970 committee chairs to manage programs and other committee positions as deemed necessary. Responsible for execution of all aspects of RYE program including Inbound; RYE Scholarship (Outbound); Short Term; ROTEX programs and District Youth Exchange events. Solicits with assistance of District Governor team hosting club agreements for inbound students, manage annual RYE Budget, approve and request payments; reimbursements and club invoices through District Treasurer, ensure security of inbound students emergency funds upon arrival and return at time of departure, recommend termination of a student’s exchange to the District Governor and District Youth Protection Officer based on violation of program rules and regulations, failure to adapt, or other issues concerning district’s liability. Work with RYE Florida to expedite approved early returns. Official representative of District 6970 RYE program at District events; conferences; etc. Trains; mentors and advises committee members ensuring all programs are operating within the guidelines set by Rotary International, the Department of State and the District leadership team. 

Youth Protection Officer

Appointed by the District Chair. Ensures safest possible environment for all participants in Rotary activities and participants involved with the program, certifies all volunteers; host families and other parties involved with the program are trained and approved as per the guidelines of the District, Rotary International and Department of State and local laws. Monitor changes in national and local laws and changes in RI policy related to youth protection and relate them to the District Governor and District Chair. Work with the district and clubs to inform all Rotarians of their youth protection obligations. Verifies all participating clubs are in Rotary and Department of State certification compliance. Oversee proper handling of allegations and protects the interests of all involved, responsible to maintain and manage violation reports including by not limited to sexual harassment; sexual abuse; criminal charges or other crises. District spokesperson for RYE crisis management, communicates regularly with District Governor and District Chair prior to any public or media outlets to ensure cohesive statements, Ensure program participant safety and all necessary parties, including participants’ parents or legal guardians, are notified prior to any public statements. 

Inbound Chair

Appointed by the District Chair. Responsible for management of all aspects of Inbound program. Ensure host families; host clubs and volunteers are compliant with Department of State, RYE Florida and District policies prior to any interaction with inbound students. Work with District Chair in host club student placement prior to arrival, approve student travel authorization requests, coordinate Inbound airport arrival greetings and departure farewells, confirm emergency funds secured in conjunction with District Chair, advise local coordinators as needed with school registrations, maintain regular contact with inbound students prior to; during and post exchange year, verify student host families and moves are in accordance with mandatory requirements, monitor YEAH database for alerts and address accordingly, order promotional items related to inbound program, submit invoices; payment requests to District Chair for approval, work with Chair in planning and execution of inbound related district events, coordinate inbound student transportation to District and RYE Florida activities, attend mandatory RYE Florida inbound orientation, review monthly student & counselors reports, work with Events/ Social Media Coordinator to update site information; calendars; social media outlets.


RYE Scholarship (Outbound) Chair

Appointed by the District Chair. Responsible for management of all aspects of RYE Scholarship (Outbound) program. Assists and advises Vice Chairs and Coordinators with their roles. Secures locations, plans with input from Outbound Vice Chairs and coordinates District Interviews, Language Camps and other outbound related activities. Communicates with outbound students prior to; during and post exchange, work with Events/Social Media Coordinator to update site information; calendars; social media outlets. Oversee district interviews, verify qualified outbound candidate applications are complete, attend Big Reveal Night; Welcome Home Dinner and at least one RYE Florida outbound orientation, communicate and provide regular updates regarding potential candidate status with District Chair, ensure outbound program is operating within the guidelines set by Rotary International, Department of State and District leadership team.

Outbound Vice Chair/Recruitment

Under the direction of the Outbound Chair and District Chair. Coordinates and oversees recruitment portion of the Scholarship program. Maintains master calendar of school presentations and information meetings, assists local coordinators in securing dates; times; locations for presentations and meetings, updates presentation materials; order printing needs related to presentations meetings, participates in school presentations and information meetings when possible, promote information meetings, submit invoice; reimbursement requests to District Chair for approval, train Rotarians; ROTEX and Rebounds facilitating school presentations and information meetings to maintain consistent information being presented, work with ROTEX Coordinator to schedule Rotex/Rebound representatives at presentations, regularly update Outbound Chair & District Chair of recruitment status.

Outbound Vice Chair/Training

Under the direction of the Outbound Chair and District Chair. Oversee and coordinate all aspects OPT’s and Language Camp for potential outbound candidates. Work with Outbound Chair; Vice Chair/Recruitment; Senior ROTEX Team Leader on agendas; training content. Update presentation materials, orders printing needs related to presentations, submit invoices; reimbursement requests to District Chair for approval, communicate and promote training events to outbound candidates, oversee setup; teardown at facilities, work with ROTEX Coordinator to schedule Rotex; Rebound representatives at training events, regularly update Outbound Chair & District Chair of training status.

Outbound Applications Coordinator

Under the direction of the Outbound Chair and District Chair. Monitor outbound student applications, communicate with potential candidates to ensure missing application documents are uploaded in a timely manner. Work with Outbound Chair and Local Coordinators to confirm student interviews at club level completed prior to District Interviews. Before departure, monitor outbound candidate homework assignments, passports and other documents are uploaded into YEAH database, report any missing documentation to Outbound Chair; District Chair.

STEP Chair

Appointed by the District Chair. Responsible for all aspects of the ShortTerm Exchange program. Promotes program in conjunction with scholarship presentations, aids in recruitment, answers questions from clubs and potential candidates, set timelines and process for applications, receives and screens applicants. Works directly with RYE Florida STEP Coordinator to match reciprocal applications, conducts “know before you go” and training meetings in partnership with RYE Florida STEP. Regularly updates District Chair on candidate status. Confirms all host families; volunteers are approved as per the guidelines of the District, Rotary International and Department of State.

ROTEX Coordinator

Appointed by the District Chair. Acts as liaison between ROTEX Senior Team Leader and District Committee, works with Rotary Alumni and RYE Florida ROTEX Coordinator to involve and promote Rotex program, primary contact to recruit and fulfill Rotex; Rebound volunteer needs at school presentations; information meetings; training events; inbound events; RYE Florida events and other events as deemed appropriate by the District Chair. Develop program to mentor, train and build district Rotex team membership, ensure Rotex volunteers are approved as per the guidelines set by the District, Rotary International and Department of State, create and monitor database specific to Rotex and in partnership with YEAH database system to increase communication with ROTEX members, oversees Rotex social media presence and continually works to improve and build Rotex program, takes lead role as district Rotex representative at RYE Florida events

Senior ROTEX Team Leader

Selected by the active ROTEX members and approved by the District Chair. Works directly with ROTEX Coordinator to help fulfill needs at specific events, lead person for district ROTEX team as set by own organizational structure and oversee goals are met. Ensures program operates within the guidelines of District, RYE Florida and Rotary International, assists Outbound Chairs; Vice-Chairs as needed.

Insurance Coordinator

Appointed by the District Chair. Responsibilities include assisting Club YEO’s and host families with medical insurance claims. Monitors billings; reimbursements and ensures that all student medical debts are settled prior to departure at the end of the exchange year. Compiles a list of local medical centers; doctors and dentists willing to work with RYE Inbound students and their insurance provider when medical needs arise. Assists local coordinators in securing State of Florida DH680 forms, physicals and other medical requirements for school enrollment

Events/Social Media Coordinator

Appointed by the District Chair. Promotes District RYE program and events utilizing social media, district website and other avenues. Events include school presentations, information meetings, Big Reveal Night, Welcome Home dinner and other events as directed by District Chair. Coordinates with Inbound Chair, Outbound Chair, Rotex Social Media Coordinator to ensure up to date and unified online presence, assists District Chair; Outbound Chairs in planning, setup; teardown of physical event locations.

Local Coordinator (former District Counselor)

Appointed by the District Chair. Primary contact for regional RYE program management and local Department of State program representative. Work directly with District Chair, Outbound Chairs and Inbound Chair to support their responsibilities at the regional level. Promotes and represents District RYE program to clubs; schools and community, coordinates Rotarian representatives at school presentations; information meetings, helps outbound student candidates find club endorsement; support, assist and advise local clubs best practices to secure host families; volunteers. Primary regional contact and advisor regarding issues with clubs; students; volunteers; schools, maintain regular dialogue with Club YEO’s; Counselors and local students. Ensure all documentation is uploaded into YEAH database in a timely manner, assist in registering students in local schools, work with Chairs in coordinating student transportation to District and RYE Florida events, oversee Club YEOs; Club Counselors; Volunteers and Host families are complying and operating within the guidelines set by Rotary International, Department of State and District leadership team.

Club Youth Exchange (YEO) Officer

Appointed by the Club President or Committee Chair. Serves as the compliance officer at the club level, selects club counselor and supports club counselor responsibilities. Plans, implements and supports all club activities involving the long term & short-term exchanges. Establish club expectations of students. Help with recruitment of quality host families and potential outbound students, promote RYE program in community; schools, participate in school presentations; information meetings when possible, guide potential host families and volunteers through required application; background check and training processes in a timely manner, Work with Club Counselor on host family recruitment; selection; in home interviews, approval and training. Conduct First Host Family Interview Visit with another Rotary Club member (other than Club Counselor) and brief Local Coordinator on approval status. Maintain ongoing dialogue with Club Counselor; Host family; students. Arrange and ensure follow up Second Host Family Visit within 60 days of the student moving in as per Department of State, RYE Florida and District RYE 6970 regulations, provide copy of inbound student’s complete application, medical release form signed by their natural parents and insurance card to schools and school district. Ensure all required reports entered promptly utilizing the YEO Portal including host family interviews (1st& 2nd), monthly counselor reports, monthly student reports. Introduce host family prior to move, coordinate with club counselor inbound student moves to each subsequent host family home. Serve as, or recruit, an “Emergency Host Family” in case of a death in the family, illness, travel plans or unforeseen problems, assist in registering the inbound student in high school including Florida DH680 form, physicals and immunization records.

Club Counselor

Appointed by the Club President or Committee Chair. Serves in the role of student’s advocate throughout the exchange year, advise and address minor issues that may arise with student and host families, Notify and document any exceptional or concerning student; host family actions to Club YEO; Local Coordinator and respective Chairs. Work with Club YEO on host family recruitment; selection; in home interviews, approval and training. Foster a strong relationship with student, host families, school administration and guidance departments. Maintain regular monthly person to person contact with student and host family, submit monthly counselor reports utilizing the YEO Portal, distribute inbound student his or her monthly allowance (stipend) in a timely manner, monitor student’s academic progress and extracurricular activities, arrange to bring student to host Rotary Club meetings at least once a month, encourage and coordinate Rotary Club member outings, weekend activities, special events for inbound & outbound students. Monitor inbound student’s travel outside of Rotary District 6970 and ensure travel authorization requests submitted in advance to Inbound Chair, facilitate student host family changes and update YEO Portal when moves occur as dictated by Department of State. Assist student and host family in securing required physical and DH680 form and immunizations are completed for school registration. Meet with school guidance counselor, host parent(s) and student to select schedule in accordance to school district requirements, ensure High School and School District has Rotary club counselor; club YEO listed as emergency contacts. Ensure the inbound student is enrolled as a Junior; in required courses and potential honors classes if English proficiency is superior; dissuade students to enroll in AP coursework. Assist student in obtaining a bank account or ATM / Debit Card and local cell phone service if needed.