Program Information

  • STEP is operated during the summer when school is not in session, so there is no requirement for school attendance.
  • Applicants must be between the ages of 15-18 at date of departure.
  • It is a direct family-to-family exchange: a student from another country will spend time in your home, and you will spend time in that same student’s home overseas.
  • Students travel together when transferring from one country to the other.
  • The program typically lasts 3 - 4 weeks in each country. Once the exchange is approved, exact arrangements are typically coordinated with the families with Rotary facilitating.
  • Visas are typically not required, STEP, by nature, is a short term cultural exchange and does not require a student visa. However, that’s not always the case. If it’s determined a visa is required, the student and his/her family will be notified in plenty of time to apply for, process, and obtain the needed visa.
  • A non-refundable application fee of $150 must accompany the application. The $350 student contribution is due upon notification of acceptance into the program (Jan 2017). All other expenses including airfare, health/accident insurance, the cost of visas if required, the cost of obtaining a passport (if the student does not already have one) are the responsibility of the applicant.

8.CISI (Cultural Insurance Services International) will be provided by RYE District 6970 for STEP students as part of their $350 Student Contribution. More information at

9.Please be sure to enclose your STEP application fee for $150 when you submit your application. Make check payable to: Rotary Youth Exchange District 6970.


Submit an online request for Home Interview (available at

Must submit the request not later than 15 Oct and complete the Home Interview not later than 26 Oct 2016. 

Home Interview will be arranged by STEP Chair Drew Peterson.

Both the STEP Applicant & the Parent/s will be interviewed so it is important to schedule the Home Interview for a date & time when everyone will be present.

Since STEP is a family-to-family exchange, the Home Interviewer/s will conduct a survey of the home to verify the Inbound STEP student will have a bed of his/her own and not be sharing a bedroom with anyone of the opposite sex.

Download the STEP application from www.ryeflorida. Complete the hard copy application in accordance with the provided directions on the application. Return the completed & signed application, together with all required documentation to the STEP Chair not later than 6 PM, 1 Nov 2016. All required documentation should be sent to:


Drew Peterson
12410 Gately Oaks Lane East
Jacksonville, FL 32225

Only those completed STEP applications received by the 1 November deadline will be accepted and processed. All applications must include the non-refundable $150 application fee (check should be payable to: Rotary District 6970. Please indicate in the check memo line: RYE STEP)

STEP Students will be notified of their acceptance during January 2017.

STEP Students and their families will be matched with their counter-parts overseas Jan-Mar 2017. Notification of the family match will be made by the STEP Chair as soon as it has been approved. Host Family contact information will be shared between the matched families so they may begin communicating, establishing dates for the exchange, and confirming travel arrangements.

Orientation Training for accepted STEP Students and their families will be conducted in Spring 2017. Actual date, time, and location are pending. Once plans are confirmed, the STEP Chair will email notifications to all concerned.


Read all directions carefully before completing the application. If you are accepted as an exchange student, this application will be sent to your host country. It will serve as your introduction to your new host family. It is important that the first impression you make be a good impression. Complete this application carefully. All grammar and spelling should be correct.


Your application consists of:

  • All forms provided for STEP application at
  • Copy of your passport or birth certificate
  • Letters by both student and parents
  • Signed Program Rules and Conditions of Exchange
  • Copy of most recent school grades
  • Application Fee

QUESTIONS:  Check the website carefully and you should find the answer to almost any question about STEP. If not, then please contact your D6970 STEP Chair:

Drew Peterson 
OR HP (904)220-4024 OR CP: (904) 477-3139