Abbey, outbound to Thailand

I have been in Thailand for about 3 months now. I can’t describe in one report how happy I am for getting selected to go to Thailand. The whole month of October was Midterm Break for Kongthong Wittaya School. I really thought not being able to see my friends for a whole month would be terribly boring, but that was an understatement!

The first week of my break I got to go on a field trip with my class. We went to a little farm and learned about economics. When I first heard that we were going to learn about economics, I just thought whatever I’ll sit through a three hour lesson not understanding anything, but it turned out to be very fun since it was all about using empty water bottles. I learned I could make a water bottle into a toilet paper holder! The field trip was so much fun, everything was just really chill and fun a.k.a we learned nothing except how to be creative with empty water bottles.

During the midterm break, I actually got to hang out with my tomboy friends a lot. I would go to school, and just play a whole bunch of sports with them. One time, I played sports with my friends for 12 hours. I was beat! I also got to go to a Tug-of-War tournament with my tomboy friends for 2 days which was awesome. Later on in the break, I got to go to Chiang Mai with my host family. You think we would go to see all the wonders that Chiang Mai holds, but every day we just went to different restaurants and cafes to eat.

My host brother loves to eat! He is an EATING MACHINE, but don’t get me wrong when I say I enjoyed it very much as well! Each café and restaurant had its own theme either being very weird like IBerry Café or being very cute like the café’s with all the sweets and chocolate’s (ugh now I am hungry and I am typing this report at 8 in the morning in school). If you ever go to Chiang Mai, eat Khao Soi. It is known in this region of the north of Thailand to be very delicious and believe me i t is! Next, I got to go to Phuket with my foreign exchange friends!

The first two days where like survival challenges from dragging, climbing, and plunging my way throughout a cave swarming with bats in the dark in a pair of sandals to having a 6 hour hike up a mountain where I had to climb up trillions of steep stairs to steep hills (lucky me I didn’t fall in the mud or get leeches wahahahahahaha).

My friend Natsuko (from Japan) has never been in the woods, so when we were 5 hours done with our hiking journey, I asked her (while her foot was bleeding)… “So what do you think of being in the woods???” She is truly innocent when she said she liked it hahaha!

After those two days of pure survival, we got to go see the beautiful islands of Phuket. Yes! They were extremely beautiful when I say the water was so clear and blue to the sands being pure white. I also got to see Leonardo Dacaprio Island which was beautiful in every way. I am happy to say I barely got sunburned because Phuket was very very very hot. In Phuket, we got to go see a Transgender Simon Star show which was so cool and hilarious. The women were so so beautiful even though they were actually men hahaha!

While in Phuket, all the girls including me went crazy over these cheap bohemian looking pants. Every time we would see one we would go and buy one. They are just so comfortable and relaxing! By the time I got back from Phuket more fun was still in store!!!

I got a package from my aunt filled with tons of candy, I got a lot of exercise in, I got to go swimming, and I got to hang out with my friends!! For the first time, I got to go see a 4D movie in Thailand, and it was fricking amazing. I went to see the Last Witch Hunter with my host family and Natsuko. If it snowed in the movie, it would snow on us; if there was fire in the movie, there would be smoke on us; if there was rain in the movie, there would be rain on us, etc. It was so so so awesome I recommend anyone coming to Thailand to go see an action movie in 4D!!!

By the time I actually payed attention to the days going by, school started again! I was happy to see all my friends again, but I hated waking up early in the mornings all over again. Then Halloween came. I knew coming to Thailand, I probably wouldn’t be celebrating holidays from America, but I was totally wrong. My host family had a Halloween party it was spooktastic wahahaha! I got to invite my foreign exchange friends, dress up as a penguin, and eat a whole lot of chicken wings and candy! It was also my host mom’s birthday on Halloween, so I got to eat tons of cake too!!!

So yeah! That has been my month. I am going to school having an awesome time when I am not falling asleep in class. 

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