Ana, outbound to Japan

こんにちは!! It has been awhile. I am Ana, I am in Ashikaga city in Tochigi prefecture. I have been here for about 3 months and a couple of weeks and so much has happened.

The most exciting thing that I have had the opportunity to do was going to Disneyland Tokyo with my new host family. Even though back home I lived 15 minutes away from Disney World you can not ever get enough of Disney! Disneyland Tokyo has a multitude of similarities to Disney World in Florida, but there were parts of my experience that I really enjoyed. For example my favorite Disney character is Winnie the Pooh ( or Pooh-さん as they call him here in Japan) and they had a whole store dedicated to Pooh-さん. I can not express the joy I felt in words when I entered that store, I think I never wasted so much money in one store in my entire life. I bought everything from a Pooh-さん umbrella and a Pooh-さん chopstick to a Pooh-さん ear cleaner.

Since the holidays are here, I think it would a good time to say that for the most part you should not expect the winter holidays to be so important here. In my experience Christmas was almost non existent, New Year they usually spend it in a shrine or a temple. However even though the holidays are either not celebrated at all or celebrated extremely differently, I was still thankful that I got to experience this. It really gave me a new perspective and helped me to appreciate the way we celebrate the holidays back home.

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