Ana, outbound to Japan

こんにちは!! Time really does fly hum… A whole month already! In the first day of school after my first period where I introduced myself, everyone in my class came to talk to me and it was like that for the first two weeks. They were having a school festival where I helped my school get ready for. Everyone is so kind and helpful to me, specially my classmates. I have joined the english club at my school, and I plan on joining many more clubs. I will be going on the school trip to Okinawa, a prefecture full of beautiful beaches and with a lot of history. I have visited the most beautiful places here in Ashikaga, such as Ashikaga’s Flower Garden where they have the most gorgeous garden, fill with flowers all year around. But between April and May is where the garden can leave you speechless. I have also visited the the oldest school in Japan, Ashikaga’s Gakko here in my city, The school is said to have been established ca . 832 in the Heian period. There are so many beautiful shrines here, I have visited a few of them and I loved each and every single one of them. My first host family is really nice, my host mother is helping me learn Japanese. They have a dog called Leo, which at first she was scared of me, but now we are best friends. So this is how my first month has been, soon I will add more journals and pictures. またね!

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