Asia, outbound to Argentina

One month has passed which seems too soon, but I couldn’t be happier with the way in which my time has been spent.

Today marks one month in Argentina, and it is absolutely beautiful. It is a big change of pace here, everything is just calm. There is a lot of time for me to just breathe. I surprised myself at how quickly I just morphed into a new routine, despite the obvious language barrier everything just seems the way it is supposed to be. I didn’t experience this huge culture shock or anything near it I mean there are subtle differences in culture yes but, I didn’t skip a beat, When in Rome do as the Romans do.

I arrived her on the 7th of September and started school on the 8th, so maybe it is just that I did not have time to think about the fact that I had left my life in the United States and I was starting a new one. But, I couldn’t help but think of a conversation I’d had earlier in the summer about the sense of home. I’ve moved a lot within the States and out of the four I have lived in none of them have truly felt like “home”, and maybe I am just trying to find it here, in Argentina so there really was not much motive for me to have any reservations. I just hit the reset button, and arrived here with a completely open mind.

For the most part I have an established routine. I go to Colegio Argentino Americano where I am in the fifth grade, the equivalent of being a High School Senior. My classmates are all very nice as well as all the students in the school and, I am very glad to be finishing out the school year with them.

There are about 20 students in my class including myself, a big difference from graduating with a class of about 400. It makes for a different school environment because it seems like everyone is happy to be with one another and because they are such a small group it makes for genuine friendships. Not saying that I wasn’t happy with my classmates last year but, there was no way I was friends with all 300 + of them. Not even close, half.

My classes are a bit different because they are all business oriented and my Spanish business vocabulary is nonexistent so I am lost. But, I have a Spanish Literature class which is like a breath of fresh air because some of the words are similar to the English and I can almost always figure out the notes without translating. I’m not very shocked that my favorite class in the U.S. continues to be my favorite class even, in a different langue which leads me to Point B.

Numbers are numbers everywhere and unfortunately that is also a class I understand, on the first day they covered one of the few math topics I actually can comprehend and in excitement I revealed this, I should not have because just as I assumed math is still my least favorite subject.

After school I have lunch with my host family. It is just myself and my host parents, they have three sons two of which are in College in another province and then one who is currently on exchange in Florida! They are very kind and I am very thankful for them welcoming me into their home. Lunch, and food in general is very good. VERY, VERY good. I could live off of Empanadas and Facturas for the rest of my life but aside from eating a good meal the best part of my day happens after lunch.

On weekdays from 2-5 I go to the primary school and help teach in two English classes, and it is so much fun, words cannot describe. I can honestly say that the happiest moments I have had so far in my exchange have been in the 5th and 4th grade class of the primary school. Right now they are practicing for their Spring Art Show that’s coming up in the next few weeks and they are doing a play of the movie “Frozen”. And I don’t know but sometimes emotions just sneak up on me at weird moments and the other day when they were practicing I just started to tear up a little. Not because I was homesick or anything but they were just so happy, which in turn made me very happy. Grant it I am a crier, but these were really tears of happiness. The moment also inspired me to maybe finish the movie and appreciate the song “Let it go” a little bit more. I truly am very happy at the school and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be there.

One month has passed which seems too soon, but I couldn’t be happier with the way in which my time has been spent.

To all the Floridians in Brazil: Now, I am obviously not in Brazil but, my town is very near the border and. My joking title as “Honorary Brazilian” has manifested itself into my exchange, Brazil, is close enough for me to see the land of Brazil from my backyard. Literally.

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