Asia, outbound to Argentina

First and foremost congratulations to the new RYE Florida 2015-2016 Exchange Students! As I have just completed my third month I can honestly say that you will not regret your decision to take on this great challenge and you should be very proud that you have been selected to have this amazing experience. With that being said I want to start this journal with a tid bit of advice based on my experiences thus far:

Be sure to focus on your own exchange. Each and every exchange is different and unique to each exchanger. When you read these journals of the countries that you may be sent to or when you get further into the process and begin coordinating with one of the current outbound students remember these stories and experiences are unique to that person and you have to live your exchange for you. In my first journal I mentioned that I didn’t have expectations for my exchange but I think I was wrong. No, I didn’t have expectations for my country or the culture but I think I had expectations for my life as an exchange student.

Here in Iguazu I am the only exchange student so I don’t have that exchange family network that most of us experience which lead to loneliness in the first month and a half and spending a lot of time eating empanadas alone looking at all of my fellow outbound students and their photos and stories and the friends they all seemed to have wondering why I was so alone and why my life didn’t look like theirs and I honestly was just a little down in the dumps. But then at some point I knew I had to put the empanadas down and look at my exchange for me. Here I was, sad and wallowing in my own sorrows when I am living in the most beautiful country in the world minutes away from one of the Seven Wonders of the World and three different cultures to learn about right at my fingertips! I knew I had to turn things around because this is my exchange and it shouldn’t be compared and it can’t be compared to anyone else because this exchange is for me and only me and loneliness is just a waste of time. Once I realized that I was happier because I knew I was living my exchange though I couldn’t get myself to put the empanadas down I am sure it only contributed to my happiness. So guys I cannot press this enough make sure you live this exchange life for you and only you because it’s your experience to have for the rest of your life.

Now, as for me a mini update
1. I have become more comfortable butchering every other word in Spanish than speaking in English
2. My name pronounced in English sounds like the Spanish word for her “Ella” because the double “L” in Argentina makes a “shhh” sound which causes a lot of confusion when people are speaking.
3. I still love empanadas and facturas
4. I went from have no host siblings to nine
5. Once I was introduced as the cousin of Obama, I am not.
7. Finally saw the Falls
6. I WENT TO PATAGONIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Chau Chicos