Asia, outbound to Argentina

Wow okay so four months in “The Tina” and good news guys I’m still happy! It’s weird because I can feel the half way mark creeping up on me and I’m not sure if I’m ready for those emails of returning home. And the thought of Argentine empanadas coming to an end almost puts me into tears. But I haven’t gotten any emails so I still have time to gorge myself on this delicacy.

Every time I think of writing my journal I say okay to mention empanadas or not to mention empanadas but like I just can’t help it they are SO good on a slow week I consume at least 12. Yes, I know. I am ashamed and embarrassed but there are no support groups for this addiction. But it’s not just the empanadas. It’s the ice cream too. I told myself I would not bring bad habits to the Tina but I did! I ate so much so much ice-cream before coming to Argentina and now I do the same here. Like I just wish that the crew at the ice cream shop rotated a little more because now they know my face, every single employee which is equally as embarrassing as my empanada consumption.

I wish I was exaggerating but it’s gotten to the point where my host family makes jokes about the fact that my diet consist of only two foods and my host dad had a conversation with me about maybe eating other Argentine staples besides empanadas and it’s obviously a problem considering that I have dedicated so much of my journal talking about food. My New Year’s Resolution last year was to not have a Resolution but maybe I should and that will be not mentioning empanadas in my journals anymore. But New Year’s Resolutions are meant to be broken right?

So I made it to through the holidays. On a scale of 1 to emotional wreck I was about a 3. They really did not phase me too much to be honest. Thanksgiving was spent in Patagonia and I didn’t even realize Thanksgiving had passed until it was Black Friday, Christmas was like a normal day for me along with the whole month of December there were no Christmas tunes, no Santa, and no tree which was a little different for me because usually during Christmas my mom likes to get really HGTV creative with decorations.

And then there was New Year’s Eve which the whole day I felt a little emotional but I keep saying to myself I’m fine, I’m fine. And then it was midnight and I realized I was not fine and I got a little… a lot teary eyed during fireworks. I’m not sure how much of the tears were from missing home and how much came from being so grateful to be celebrating with my new family.

Exchange is a really special thing you can’t always put everything into words, and sometimes you can’t even figure out for yourself what your feeling. It’s just like okay here I am doing something that I never really thought could happen and I wonder like was this always written for me because even on my bad days it seems like something right falls into place shortly thereafter. and right now I have gotten to a place where walking in my city is starting to feel less like Stairmaster, the language is coming along, and I can honestly say there is no place I would rather be right now in my life.

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