Asia, outbound to Argentina

Ok so apologizes are officially in order. SORRY, SORYY I have fallen off the grid. With that being said you are about to embark on a 2 month journey of my life in words. For starters, if you are going to South America learn to dance…please it will save you many nights sitting in the room of your new house you-tubing how to do a basic two-step. In all honesty I thought at the bare minimum had rhythm, that notion quickly disappeared when I realized what I was dealing with. Like guys words really cannot express the artistic level they are on. So just try to put some effort I feel it’s less shameful if you practice before you leave. No, but in all honesty if you act like you know how to dance and you are having fun no one will ever know that 7/10 of your dance moves were taken from you tube.

Future Floridians to become culturally Argentine you will inadvertently become a meat connoisseur. Prepare to eat any and all parts of a cow. I say this in all sincerity any…and all parts. I have fully enjoyed this part of my Argentine life because I have learned a new skill that I like to call “meat-jargon” I mean how many people do you know who can describe meat to you other than a butcher. How many of you even know a butcher to explain those things because I know I don’t. But I will say being vegetarian is a strong possibility for my future because I have just felt really carnivorous lately if that even makes sense. But trust me you will see.

Since the end of November I have been on summer vacation and I will say the time has gone by so incredibly fast. Which is so scary, in reality I don’t think I have ever been so scared of time. I don’t want anything here to end and I cannot even start to imagine going back to the United States at this point. This may be one of the most meaningful summers I have had thus far. I thought it would be the one before my exchange year you know, the summer where I knew I was saying bye to my old life and preparing to enter a new one but with this summer coming to a close I realize it’s now in this moment where I have decided that things really aren’t always as they seem and it’s in this phase of my life that I have really just gotten to sit back and live doing things that I normally wouldn’t and just letting go a little bit. Or a lot a bit.

But you know you really cannot describe exactly what it is you feel because it isn’t like you come on exchange and everything is there for you. You leave your troubles of the U.S. behind but you take on a new set of troubles. You’re not living in la-la land on exchange it may seem like it at first but then you actually have to start dealing with life again just like always only this time you have new things to overcome and new things to think about and I think it’s that that makes your exchange you are learning to just deal with life from every possible angle. But you do start to notice it like the changes in yourself, you start to see that you’re getting better, you're opening up and you're taking in everything there is to learn.

During this summer I cried for the first time during my exchange. And when I say cry it’s not like my tearing up during New Year’s Eve. This was a full on 12hr cry that began at night and carried into the morning and a much needed one to be honest. Like many have said exchange isn’t easy. I can’t speak for every one currently on exchange right now but I know for me I had just gotten to a point where I needed to just cry. And afterwards I did feel better it was kind of like my reset. Like I started to feel like okay it’s time for me to make some changes and to just get the show on the road I guess you could say. And lucky for me because I have an amazing family here that helps me through it all.

Like words cannot describe the gratitude I have for them and it’s amazing how you can go your whole life not knowing that a group of people exist that you could care so much about. They have a permanent spot in my heart and I could not be happier to end up in this home. Every member has such a different personality and they come together so perfectly and I can honestly say I couldn’t imagine my life without them in it because they are the biggest reason my exchange has been the best time of my life.

This coming Monday I will be back in school. There really isn’t much to say on the subject because well it's school. But I am so incredibly excited to go back to the primary school to help with English! I have so much fun there and I can’t wait for the next five months with those kiddos. Well I think I have touched on all the monumental thoughts and moments during this summer. So until next time guys. Chau Chau!

Asia Monet Hayes
(P.S. sorry for my lack of photos for I am a wreck and have managed to break every source of uploading photos I will try to fix ASAP)