Ayuanna, Outbound to Korea

Firstly, I want to start off by saying congratulations to the new exchange students for next year. I know that they will do great!!!

So it’s been almost 5 months since I got here And a lot of stuff has happened since my last journal. For the first time I spent Christmas without my family and it was a little sad because not many Koreans celebrate Christmas here. Though I did video call my mom the day after Christmas because Korea is one day earlier than America could still did not feel the same.

Since my last journal I change my host families. I now live in the country and I take a 30 minute bus to school every morning and every evening. In my new host family I have three siblings. There are two boys and one girl. They are all older than me. My host sister comes home on the weekends because she does not have college on the weekend. Though right now she is living at home because her college is on break. I don’t get to see my house brothers that much.

Around mid December we had to take a lot of tests at my school. I did not know that I would have to participate in these tests so I didn’t really do that good. I even did that on English which really surprised all of the students in my class. Taking a test is very different than American test taking. They don’t use any electronic devices including computers on any of their test, and they have this newspaper like paper that has the questions on them and they can keep them and grade them after the test. During the English test they use the intercom to repeat the questions and the dialogs that are on the test. When the intercom is on it is very hard for me to concentrate on my test.

About a week and a half ago, I was very sad because a very popular Korean singer died. A lot of Koreans liked him very much, and he was one of my favorite singers. Many people in Korea were sad, even a lot of my friends were very sad because he was part of a very popular group.

Last week my school held a festival. Every class entered the talent show and dress up contest. There were many different performances, and my class also performed together. I can’t dance so they pilot me in charge of filming the video. It was a very fun day for me, and I got to see all of my friends bring out their funny sides.

Yesterday was my last day of school before all of Korea takes a three month school break. It is kind of like the summer break of American schools.To celebrate all of my class went to a town 40 minutes away called Gunsan there we took pictures, shopped, and ate lunch together. It was a lot of fun and I’m glad that I didn’t have to spend my last day inside of school.

Next year I will have a different set of classmates because in Korea the semesters are different than Americans. The semester that I got here was actually the second semester. Therefore, all of my friends will be moving on to the third year while I will take the first semester at the second year. I’m very scared that I will not be able to make friends as close as I was with my classmates this year.

Overall, I love being here in Korea and it will be very sad when I leave. Though until then I will keep working hard at learning Korean.

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