Ayuanna, Outbound to Korea

It’s been a month since my last journal and many things have happened. I am half way finished with my school's two month break. I am also over half way finished with my exchange. I feel like it is going by fast, but also slowly at the same time. I really miss America and my friends, but at the same time I never want to leave Korea and I love it here.

At the beginning of January I took a trip to Busan, which is one of the biggest cities in Korea. It wasn’t really that interesting because we only stayed one night and mostly just walked around. The trip costed me a lot of money, so for the rest of January I just stayed at home.

Yesterday I went bowling with my host brother and sister. It was the most fun I'd had since our vacation period started. It was cool to be able to let go of all the worries that being an exchange student brings.

This month we have school, but only for three days and I won’t be there for two of them. This will be the last time that I am in the same class as my current friends. I am a little sad to see the go, but I hope that they will not push themselves too hard as third years. In Korea there is a saying that third years are no different than robots. They only worry about studying, and barely have a social life. I wonder if I will still be able to meet my friends outside of school or if they will be too busy.

Tomorrow I am going on a trip with my host sister to Seoul, the capital of Korea, and it will be the first time I’m not going with a Rotary Chairman. I am so excited to finally be free to go somewhere that isn’t with an overbearing adult.

My host sister is the best. She is a former exchange student, so she understands that sometimes I want to go on trips when I don’t have enough money to. We have a lot of trips planned, even after I leave their house and go to my last host family. On February 20th and 21st we are going to a ski resort with one of her friends who wants to get better at Korean.

About a week ago I Skyped one of my closest friends from America. We talked for hours and it was great to catch up on everything that I had missed. It was one of the longest conversations that I’d had since I came to Korea. It really helped me cure my homesickness that I was feeling.

I have started to look for colleges, and I decided that I really want to study here in Korea. I usually talk to this former Exchange student that lived in my town. She now goes to the third best college in Korea. She helps me a lot with figuring out what to do once I get back to America, and how to come back to Korea after exchange.

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