Bailie, outbound to Belgium

I picked up Austin Carroll, a filmmaker from RYE Florida, at the train station. She came here to film me, my school, my friends, and all the 300 exchange students in Belgium for her Documentary and to shoot a promotional video for RYE Florida. She accompanied me to school, which was kind of a nightmare from the administrators to let her film, and came to my house where she gave the initial interview. The next day I met her back at the train station, all dressed in my RYE blazer for a Rotary day in Namur. On the train to the event, Austin got to meet two other RYE Florida kids and they got to share their experiences as well.

Overall, her visit made me a little homesick. But when she sent me the promotional video to watch, I almost cried. This experience is so much more than a bad host family. Its about building your own family from all over the world. She got to put our crazy selves onto video to see how students from so many backgrounds and languages come together to make friendships that are lifelong.

And later this week me and all those crazy exchange students are going to London with Rotary and were definitely going to make it the best 4 days of our lives

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