Blane - outbound to Japan

Hello everyone! Sorry for the big gap (Mrs. Cameron). But a lot has happened these last few months. Since I last wrote I have changed host families. Most of my fellow exchange students have also changed host families, and let me tell you… It kind of sucked. Now I have been with my second family for two months now and everything is great! Its just me my mom and my dad and I’m really bonding with them, however those first couple weeks all I wanted to do was go back to my first family. The weird thing was I was kind of excited to move and experience a different view of Japan with a different family, but when I first changed its like I felt a whole new kind of homesick. That was something I didn't really expect to feel, and I’m sure I will feel it again when I leave this family.
The holidays were not as hard for me as I thought they would be. Christmas Eve I had school which I was not a fan of. On Christmas I woke up and had breakfast just like every other day. I went to my first host families house and spent the majority of they day there. Christmas was actually very nice. I made them my favorite meal that my mom makes in the U.S. and they made some side dishes and it was a real mixture of cultures. Right before I left their house the strap on my backpack broke so for Christmas they gave a new backpack. I was so shocked and so happy. After we all exchanged presents we ate my absolute favorite cake in the world now.
After winter break everything kind of settled down. I really feel like I’m getting used to life here. School is really not too fun but in my club activity after since my Japanese has gotten better we’ve started to talk a pretty decent amount. The same thing at home I feel like I’m now having substantial conversations or at least being able to get enough across that they know what I’m trying to say. Every night I watch Tv with my host dad and we chat about whatever we are watching. His Japanese I find to be the hardest to understand because he doesn't really enunciate much. Although with him I’m forced to listen very closely, but there are a lot of times where I just kind of smile and agree with whatever he might be saying.
I am moving again pretty soon and being an exchange student has taught me a lot so far and I only just past half way. The language is still really hard but that's coming with time. I look forward to seeing where the next half of this year takes me, as I finally feel confortable being here.