Briana, outbound to Austria

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These last two months have been epic. I went on a family trip with my host family to Dubai. This was an amazing trip. It was absolutely amazing. Really. I was on the biggest airplane in the world. I went on the longest water slide in the world. I went to a mall that had a sky slope in it. I had lunch on the tallest building in the world. I went on a desert tour and rode a camel while eating lamp chops. That was literally the week of my life. I loved absolutely every moment of it. It is a little crazy to me because before coming here, I never really traveled and in these last 3 months I’ve been to Europe and United Asia. I really am very excited for all the travel adventures I have coming up like the European tour. 

Also, I went to my first ever concert and it was someone who I love very very much. I finally got to see Justin Bieber. It was an amazing concert. I was so happy to see him. I know I have to see him. 

I know I didn’t really do a lot besides these two big things. Next months will be better. 