Briana, outbound to Austria

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This month here in Austria has been a great one…

So much has happened in this month of December. It was so action packed that I forgot my real birth day. On December 3rd, I had a birthday party. I had a big birthday party at a local bowling alley. I had about 25 kids come. I have made a bunch of new friends from school and I also had friends who are exchange students were there as well. It was a lot of fun. We played a lot of games and it got kind of completive with the bowling games. 

A few days after my birthday party, it was my host dad had a birthday party. We had a dinner party with around 20 people. It was really nice because we ate Wiener Schnitzel and “Kartoffel Salat” which is Austrian style potato salad which is so good. It is one of my favorite Austrian food that I have eaten here. For his birthday gift, I had a photo printed of us when we went to Dubai and put it in a nice photo frame. 

The day after his birthday we took a weekend trip to Germany, Bavaria with my host parents. It still amazes me that I live 4 hours away from Germany. We went to Germany and I got to ride in very nice Mercedes Benz and eat cute little cakes. We ate at a very nice restaurant, then we headed home and was home by 10 at night. After all of this, I forgot that my birthday was the very next day. On the official day of my birthday, when I came down stairs, my host mom had a gift for me. Which was 80 color make up kit. I was so happy. I don’t wear makeup out in public but I like to play in it like a little 6 year old . 

Than Christmas came which was very interesting. I was very excited to see how Christmas was celebrated here. Christmas here is very big. There has been lots of Christmas markets and lots of Christmas decorations all around Austria. My host brother and I had 3 event calendars leading up to the big day and we had 24 socks and every day we would go in the sock and get a treat. So when the big day of December 24 came, Christ kind came to deliver the gifts. Here in Austria, they don’t have Santa Claus, they have Christ kind. Also, Christmas is 2 and a half days. On the 24th we had a few family members come. It was very nice. We had a total of 16 come over and we ate turkey. I was so happy that we were eating turkey because I haven’t had it in a while. Usually around this time of the year, I would have turkey twice. Once for Thanksgiving and once for Christmas. All the food was really good. For Christmas I received a lot of cool presents. I received a Justin Bieber bed set, a Justin Bieber towel, a Justin Bieber hat, and I got homemade Nutella. I was so grateful for everything. A few days after Christmas, I headed to Burgenland to spend a few days with Shannon. We went to Vienna and went to the zoo! It is in the backyard of a castle where the Empire Franz Josef lived and it was so fun. We saw all of the animals in the zoo! After we explored the zoo, we went to an art museum, then we headed home.

Once I had got home, it was time for the new year. We brought in the new year with Racellete, watching the big New Year’s concert, and shooting fireworks in the sky. Happy New Year.!!