Britton, outbound to Spain

My first month of a year in Spain. 

I have been in Spain for a month and I have absolutely loved every second. I started school about three weeks ago at Cabo De La Huerta and I have learned a lot. I have learned that I do not know as much Spanish as I thought, but I am fixing that problem. The people at my school are so nice, and they love to help me with my classes or questions I may have. My teachers are very patient with me, as I don’t understand what they are saying most of the time. I luckily have friends that can speak some English and can help explain things to me or translate what I am saying to the teacher. I have a lot of classes including 2 English classes, Spanish, Biology, Physics and Chemistry, Gym, and Math. I absolutely enjoy every class, my teachers, and my school in general, and hope it continues to be an amazing experience.

I am on a basketball team near my city and it is really challenging. I thought when I started that I knew basketball, and then I learned when everything is in Spanish it is challenging. The coach will say certain drills and I will do them wrong because I don’t know what we are doing. My team has tried to help as much as they can but they speak very little English. My teammates try and give me examples or say like a word, which actually help a lot. My coach speaks English but for the team he speaks Spanish, which helps me learn certain words, and helps me a bit with the drills. Everyday I know more and more and feel more confortable with the coach, and my teammates. I hope to be ten times better when I finish my year in Spain.

Since I have been in Spain I have done many enjoyable activities. I have been to most of the Spanish beaches, which are absolutely incredible. The beaches were kind of a surprise because it normal for women to go topless and most women do. They also have completely nude beaches, which I saw a glimpse of and I know now where not to go. I also was not expecting to see so many people at the beach at one time it’s incredible. I also enjoy how close the beaches are to each other you can walk to any one you want it’s fantastic. I think the most fascinating thing is the water, it is so clear and the marine life in the water is mind blowing. One of the most beautiful things I have done is been snorkeling. It was life changing.

I have been to many restraunts and have enjoyed the foods of Spain. I enjoy the family style dinners where everyone shares everything. The food they eat is better than anything in Florida and I already know I will miss it when I get home. I think my favorite dish is paella, which surprised me because I honestly thought I would not like it. The way they serve it is for a family and it comes with your choice of meat or with fish. The other really good thing is the massive lunches in Spain, which is followed by a siesta. In Spain lunch is the most important meal so you eat a light breakfast at 7:00, eat a big lunch at 3:00 and then a small dinner at 11:00. It took a while to adapt to the eating schedule and style but I actually think it is better than the U.S.A. I just love learning more foods and hopefully I will try much more.

I am happy with my time in Spain so far this year I can’t wait for what this year has in store for me. I would finally like to thank Rotary for the opportunity to study in Spain for a year. The Rotary International program has turned a dream into a reality and for that I am grateful. I can’t believe it has been a year since this whole journey started. I can’t wait to keep posting more journals as my year continues. So until next time have a great time and know I miss you all.