Britton, outbound to Spain

It has now been two months in Spain and my time keeps getting better. I have been at school for two months now, and I actually understand my teachers. My classes are still a bit hard to comprehend, but luckily I have great friends and teachers to help. I am not doing great on the tests but I know I will that will change.

My basketball experience is also starting to get better. I am better understanding the plays and getting better at the drills. I practice three times a week, and everyday we do different types of drills. We also play a lot of practice games and it helps a lot with communication. I hope it will turn out to be a great year, and become better at basketball.

I have had many more adventures in my second month in Spain. Just last week I went to Barcelona with my host dad. I enjoyed the city bus tour, which took us all over the city of Barcelona. We stopped at many places the first being a building made by Gaudi. It was amazing the colors on the building were like nothing I have ever seen before. I enjoyed the walking tour of the place. The next thing we did on the city bus tour was the Soccer Stadium. I got to experience seeing the field and I went through the museum. The museum had all the trophies the team had ever won. It was a once in a lifetime experience I will never forget.

I have started to find all the new places to shop. There are many stores near my house and they all have clothes that fit me. The problem is that the clothes are all very expensive, and you have to be careful what you buy. Another thing about the stores is they don’t sell basketball clothes or sweatpants. You must always have Identification cards, and when you buy something you have to show it.

I have also tried some new foods and many of them are very good. My new favorite Spanish food is Spanish tortilla or potato omelets. People eat them all the time as it is easy to make and is very filling. I also enjoy eating the Spanish ham, which you get at every meal, when you go to a restaurant. It is special because every restaurant presents it a different way. I think the Spanish cuisine is the best cuisine in the world and it will always be. It is one of my favorite parts of the culture in Spain.

I have been here for two months and it has been some of the best months of my life. I have met some amazing people and friends I will always have. I am thankful to be in a beautiful country with such awesome people. I know this place will always be my home. I hope the rest of my year is great, and I know this will be the best year of my life. Until next time goodbye and I miss you.