Britton, outbound to Spain

I can’t believe I have been in Spain for over three months now. The time is moving to fast and I wish it would slow down. I had some time so I decided to write my third journal.

My time here is now getting easier because I am really getting a grasp on the language. I can now pretty much fully understand what my friends are trying to ask me. The hard part is it is still difficult for me to form responses to questions, as sentence structure is difficult. I usually just try my best to say something so I don’t look foolish. Luckily my friends are very nice and understand the situation and help me a lot.

School is fun by can be very confusing at times. I still am trying to get used to going to different classes every day and the rooms are always changing. The classes are difficult because my teachers talk fast and it can be hard for me to understand what they are saying sometimes. I try my best to copy down everything the teachers write or draw. I am very thankful to have teachers that are very willing to try and help me.

There are many new things I have tried in the last month. I went to the cinema with another exchange student. We saw a movie in English but it had Spanish subtitles, which was good. Unfortunately there were some little kids in the theatre and they would not stop talking so we could not hear the movie. Overall it was a good experience to finally go to a theatre in Spain and see what it was like. Next time we will be seeing the movie in Spanish and will be able to understand it.

I have also experienced scuba diving in a town called Benidorm. That started when one of the exchange students sent a message saying he was going and he invited everyone. What happens is you go to the island and they give you an hour-long safety course. The next part is where you put on the wet suit and they explain about the oxygen tank. You then get on a boat and drive for thirty minutes to the diving spot. Each person falls backwards into the water one at a time. The instructor then takes you down under the water and you start the experience.

It was one of the best things I have ever done in my life and I’m so happy I got to experience the event in Spain. I hope to go again really soon. So for now I’m going to get back to my life in Spain and will keep having an experience of a lifetime so until next time goodbye.