Britton, outbound to Spain

I have been in Spain for over five months and this is my home forever. The time is moving faster than I imagined, it seems like just a couple weeks ago I arrived.

I have now experience the holidays in Spain. Christmas is a time where everyone gets together and celebrates. They open presents just like in the U.S.A and after families have a lunch together. For dinner you go to a family members house and have a big dinner as a family.

For New Year’s everyone is with his or her family. You have dinner and after you wait until the ball drop. For the whole night there is live music. When the ball drop comes you eat 12 grapes to close out the year.

In 2015 so far I have been to a house in the mountains with my host dad and my friend. I have also been to Madrid for a match and it was awesome, I was row 3 behind the goal and I had a great view.

Overall I am enjoying Spain and progressing in my language. I can’t wait for the final five months of my exchange. Goodbye until next time.