Britton, outbound to Spain

So I have now been in Spain for over 8 months and it’s time to write another journal. This journal, however, is going to be a little bit different. It is going to be about the year in general.

This year truly has been the best year of my life. There are a lot of things that I have gained for the rest of my life. I can now say that I have friends from all over the world from the U.S.A to Taiwan. That is something that not very many of my friends can say and something I am very proud of. I have friends that I am going to have for the rest of my life whenever I need them, and that is a great thing to have. When I started the year I never thought I would have so many good friends.

I have now learned a new language and a very profound one. I can now speak and understand Spanish very well. Yes, sometimes I make mistakes, but that happens. I am so happy that I have learned Spanish because it’s one of the languages that is very important in the world. I can now communicate if I am ever in a Spanish-speaking place. I also like Spanish because it will be very useful to help me get a job.

The places I have seen I never in my life imagined seeing. I have gone to Barcelona and Madrid and see some of the most amazing buildings and museums ever. I saw maybe the most beautiful palace the royal palace of Madrid. I have seen the Sagrada Familia one of the most beautiful and interesting places ever. I have been to Benidorm with one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. I have been to professional soccer matches of Real Madrid. One of the most amazing experiences ever. I went scuba diving on in a beautiful island that I will never forget.

I have been to castles that are really amazing and that I would not be able to find in the U.S.A. I have been to the mountains a one in a lifetime experience that you can’t find in Florida. I have seen some of the oldest villages in Spain and the history about them. I went to a Spanish military base that used to be an American military base in the mountains. The things I have seen in Spain are breathtaking and life changing.

This final part of my journal I want to say things to the future outbound’s. One of the biggest things I realize now is the difference of countries. I always thought that the U.S.A was the best country but I now know that’s not true. No country is better than the others. All countries are different. They all have their unique cultures and traditions. This experience will be one you never forget.  I promise you don’t take it for granted. I can tell you I don’t have any friends that probably will ever have an experience like this. You need to realize how lucky you are to have this experience and be thankful. Be open to stepping outside of your comfort zone because you will have more fun that way.

Finally thank you Rotary for giving me this one and a lifetime experience of living in a foreign country. This journey will be will something I carry with me for the rest of my life.