Cora, Outbound to Denmark

So many things have happened within my first four months in Denmark. Just recently, I changed to my second host family. I am so excited to be living with my new family and I can’t wait to have new experiences with them, but at the same time I am also sad that I had to leave my first host family. They did so many things to help me get adapted to my new life in Denmark and they were also very patient with me learning the language. I got really close with my host siblings so I will definitely miss my host brother constantly joking around with me and the nights when my host sister and I stayed in and ordered pizza and watched movies. Even though I really enjoyed my stay with my first host family, I think it is good that I changed families. With every different family I get to have so many different experiences and I get to meet more people.

It somewhat feels like I am in the beginning of my exchange again because not only did I change host families, but I also changed classes. Not everyone has the same experiences with their classes in school. Some people have an amazing class that is so helpful and nice and others have a class that doesn’t even talk to them. Unfortunately, my first class was not that great and it was super hard to become close with them since they weren’t really interested in getting to know me. Since school is such a big part of exchange and I want to enjoy it, I decided to change classes. Something very important I learned throughout the process of me trying to change classes is defiantly do not give up trying if you really want something. It took around 3 months of me complaining about my class to my school counselor and nothing getting done when I finally decided to go to the headmaster of the school myself. If I didn’t decide to take the initiative and go to the headmaster and ask to change classes, then I probably would have never been able to change. So it is very important to be persistent if you want something done.

Being an exchange student is defiantly not easy and everyone goes through different obstacles throughout their exchange, but it is defiantly worth it. I have had so many amazing experiences in the last two months. I went to København with the exchange students in my Danish class and we spent the day in Tivoli. It was October when I visited so the whole park was filled with pumpkins and scarecrows and even though it is a small amusement park, the rides were really fun. My friends and I rode the bumper cars and the roller coasters over and over again. In the beginning of November my first host family took me to stay on Sprogø, which is a small island between Fyn and Sæjlland. It has become one of my favorite places in Denmark because of how beautiful it was. My host siblings and I walked the shore of the island and we went up into the lighthouse and could see everything. Around the end of November me and another exchange student from the U.S hosted a small Thanksgiving dinner with other exchange students from different countries. We made a turkey, macaroni and cheese, creamed corn, biscuits, and tons of different pies. It was really nice to share the Thanksgiving tradition with people from other countries and they seemed to really enjoy it. A few people even said that they want to try and celebrate it with their families when they get back home.

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