Cat, outbound to Czech Republic

So, I have been here for 153 days so far and just moved to my second host family. So far I have traveled to Germany and Austria. They were great and very beautiful. They are not very different from the Czech Republic, only they use a different currency and the language.

I missed having Thanksgiving with my family but me and my host family made it and had it. Christmas was great it didn’t snow until a couple days after Christmas. But I finally got my snow I’ve been waiting for. I’ve gone hiking a few times and I went snow sledding for the first time yesterday.

Today for New Year’s Eve I will go to a bar/restaurant and just hangout and talk with friends and then at midnight people will set of fireworks and then we will just hangout for a couple more hours and then go home and sleep.

The only tradition they have is to drink a lot and at midnight you kiss somebody.

So far I am having a lot of fun and I’ve experienced so many new things. I’ve tried pheasant, deer, duck and a lot of new vegetables and fruit. I am having a great time here and am glad I picked the Czech Republic as my first choice. It’s amazingly beautiful and as I type this it is snowing and I love it.

Well, I’m going to go have a snowball fight bye.