Chloe, outbound to Denmark

Quite honestly, I can't remember how long it's been since my last journal which if you think about it, is a GOOD thing because it means that I am so focused on the here and now;) .

I can recall that I have been having an amazing and incredibly rollercoaster ride of a time here in Denmark. The honeymoon period is over and now I am settled. I have my daily routine throughout the school week and make plans for the weekends and just practicing as much as Danish as I can!

I have had some really hard times lately with family, school, and of course, the language. I have taken the wrong bus, said the wrong words in Danish, and have exercised my patience which I didn't know I even had. Lets's be real. I have messed up so many times but you know what? I am happy. My friends here are beyond anything I could have ever asked for and they make everything better. You won't know your feeling high if you have never been low (totally stole that line:) )

So far in the past month or maybe two I have: Given a Rotary presentation for my awesome club, gained my age in weight :) [don't think I am kidding], I have been to the most northern tip of Denmark (Skagen Grenen), partied duh, nearly got killed by a bus because I sucked so bad on my bike at that point (la pro though now;) ) , tried liver (ew), wrote a badbutt essay (determined to speak in nicer terms since Danes know their swear words and mayyy be rubbing off on me- admitting nothing).

My time here is going phenomenally overall and time, I do know, is going way too fast.

Danmark er mit hjem nu.

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