Chloe, outbound to Denmark

It has been one hell of a ride being an exchange student here in Denmark this year. I have learned so much on how to be street-smart and I am proud of myself to say that I earned it. I have also learned how to cope with the transportation system that varies with complexity all over the country and traveling just like a local would with the rules of being a pedestrian or a cyclist (both of which I have successfully mastered I must say).

Most importantly though: I can say “Rød grød med fløde!!” I am also thankful to have the support that I have from Rotary on both sides of the world for reminding me to smile even when times have been tough and having them never giving up on me because they see the potential in me even when I have made a mistake. I honestly believe that if someone was to go on exchange that Rotary is the organization to do it with because I wouldn't be where I am today without their guidance and support. I think I have gotten over the biggest heap when it comes to exchange and I mean Christmas, my birthday which was in January and just it being my 4/5th month at those times.

To experience those days here in Denmark was both incredibly amazing and difficult because I was so homesick but loved all the little things that a Danish Christmas consists of. I wouldn't take any of it back for the world. The only things I wish I could change though in all seriousness is my skin color, which went from golden brown to an oddly-pale brown color, and my body weight which consists of bread, eggs and McD. So yeah, I definitely have some things to look forward to by being back in Florida in the summer.