Chloe, outbound to Denmark

I can hardly believe that I am now writing this update in May, my 9th month of exchange here in this lil' country I am pleased to call home. In these past few months I have met more incredible people and made even greater memories with my friends.

Every day the fact that I will be back in Florida in a matter of less than 2 months and not here chilling with them overwhelms me. It is getting to be that time of exchange that we exchange students get asked a million times when we will be going back to our home countries and if we will be able to come back to our host countries in the future. It really is bitter sweet now knowing that I can be with my old friends and family but it may be a long time before I step back into my Danish lifestyle. I know I will even come to miss riding my bike and the weather which is really saying something.

Lately I have had the opportunity to go to my school's parties which are crazy amazing. Things are starting to slow down here at school though with their exams coming up and no more parties to look forward to:( . I do fortunately have the Eurotour to look forward to where we will be traveling to Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, France, Belgium and The Netherlands! I can't wait to travel more and I am thinking of possibly going to Sweden after Eurotour as well!

I am also proud of myself to say that I have started windsurfing not too long ago! They say here in Denmark that if you can conquer windsurfing in Hjerting (where I windsurf), then you can windsurf almost anywhere in the world because the wind is so intense and the water is beyond freezing! It definitely is a lot harder than it looks but I can't wait to get back out there!

I have learned so much about myself these past few months, more than I think I ever have, and it feels so great to know that I have made it here in DK. I am practically fluent in Danish, I have a good comprehension of Norwegian and Swedish, and I have tried the most stereotypical Danish teen things.

My biggest goal this past month or two has to try new things because I think it is still possible to be in your comfortable zone even on exchange. It was a really long, dark winter here in Denmark and now that it has become lighter and warmer outside, I want to make the most of a Danish lifestyle that I can.


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