Chris: Outbound to Sweden

Hej alla! (Hey everyone!) A small update on what I have been doing over the past month, I went on so many different trips both with Rotary and some with friends that I have made here in Sweden.

First we went on a weekend long sailing trip from Uddevalla to go and explore Sweden's archipelago on the west coast.

The next week I had my final crayfish party with other exchange students and Swedes from the Gothenburg district and the Stockholm district.

After that weekend I helped out with a program called Världens Barn (The World's Children) which is an organization that helps children in under developed nations with education, living, and more.

And yesterday I participated in an event called Journey to the End of the Night which is a race in Gothenburg that takes place at night where the participants (runners) have to go to a series of checkpoints which are located on a map. While trying to figure out where to go and how to get there the runners had to avoid people called chasers who's jobs were to chase after the runners and capture them making that runner into a chaser (some of the chasers were dressed in Halloween costumes and that can get a bit frightening especially because some legs of the race were not lit up at night). A lot more pictures to come!

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