Corbin, outbound to France

Before I left for exchange I was told that I was going to experience a lifetime in a year. I never would have guessed I would experience what on what hand feels like a lifetime in a month, but on the other hand feels like two days. As of last Friday I have been in France for one month, and everything is absolutely amazing. I have made so much progress in my language it is insane. However, there are still a lot of times I feel completely lost in the language while at school.

It is so hard to think of what to write for this. Like what have I done in the last month? I don’t know? Everything? I’ve done ropes courses with a view of Lyon (the second biggest city in France), I’ve explored Lyon for hours by myself, I’ve walked past horses everyday, I’ve taken the train to get to school, I’ve visited castles, I’ve gone to Rotary events, I’ve gone to parties, and I HAVE SPENT A MONTH IN A FRENCH SCHOOL. I feel like I have done so much, but yet there is still so much to do.

I think the hardest part of exchange for me so far is not being able to fully express myself. I am a person who likes to talk, and that is something that is kind of taken away from me here. I can easily carry on a conversation here in French, but I can not fully express myself. A lot of people here can understand English(except my host parents, the people who I see the most…) however, most people can not understand me when I use emotional words, or anything outside of a first graders vocabulary.But it is getting better, I start some classes for learning French next week and I am so excited. I just can not wait to be able to have deep meaningful conversations here.

I have two favorite things about exchange. One, all things I have learned, and two, all the friends I have made.
I saved the best for last. The. Food. Is. Awesome. Baguettes are no joke here; every single meal there is an entire baguette on the table. In the US, I was an extremely picky person when it came to foods, but that has changed so much since I got here. In just the last week, I have eaten snail(escargot), scallops(coquilles Saint-Jacques), a hodgepodge of vegetables (ratatouille), sandwiches with goat meat(kebab), and then a bunch of other things that I haven’t quite figured out what they are yet. All in all though, the food is literally the best food I have ever tasted in my entire life.

I would just like to thank Rotary so much for this amazing experience. I have already grown so much in this last month, and I can wait to be able to take everything that I have learned here and bring it back to the US.

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