Corbin, outbound to France

Month two is coming to a close and I couldn’t be happier. Every six weeks in France they have a two week vacation, so right now I’m experiencing my first vacation, French style. To start it off my host dad and I drove north to the region Ile de France(the region of Paris). We met my host mom at her sister’s house just outside Paris. The next day we went and saw my host brother in at his apartment in the 18ème arrondissement, and then walked around the city. There are no words for how great the place was. I got to see the Eiffel Tower from a distance (I’m okay with that because we are coming back for Christmas), I got to see the Louvre, and then all the other famous amazing things about Paris, for the first time in my life. IT WAS AMAZING.

The next day we left for my host-grandparents house. They live on a farm (no wifi..) and none of them speak English, so right now writing this journal is the only English exposure I am getting. So in other words, I’m overly content with my situation right now. I got to tour the farm last night and heard this “Ici, on a 420 vaches” (here, we have 420 cows). At first I thought I was translating what she said wrong, but turns out nope, they actually have that many cows, it is crazy. (Btw we had steak last night and I’m pretty sure there used to be 421 cows..)
I leave here tomorrow to go back home, and then the very next day, I leave for a weekend with my friend at her house about an hour outside of Lyon(already checked with my host Rotary district and everything, I promise). Following that I get a week more off of school just hanging out in beautiful Lyon with my school friends/exchange friends.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I can not wait for school to start back up, all of my friends and teachers are so nice and helpful and fun with me. They don’t speak English with me unless I’m really stuck (or we are in English class and no one can pronounce a word), and I’m now able to have relatively meaningful conversations.

My Rotary Club is also amazing and they are getting me set up to play with a famous French guitarist at the end of April with other exchange students. All in all, I’m enjoying myself and getting settled (and the food still blows my mind). À tout alors!

P.S. My French friends who read this journal are probably going to correct all the French in it, so wish me luck!!

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