Delaney, Outbound to Finland

I cannot believe that’s I’ve been in Finland for THREE MONTHS!! It’s insane how fast the time passes! The Rotex and inbounds were not lying at all about it, it feels like I just go off the plane yet I have a super weird feeling that my Exchange is ending and there’s nothing I can do about it. I get so anxious thinking about the time I’ve already been here and that indeed, one day I will have to leave which for me is the hardest part of exchange: accepting the fact that it actually isn’t permanent.

Also exchange isn’t eventful at all. I haven’t done anything special since last time I wrote and at times I do get bored. A few weeks back we had our autumn break and it was probably the worst week of my exchange. I was bored out of my mind and most of my friends weren’t in town. It’s such an odd feeling because I don’t dread school anymore, I actually love going to school and I dread going back home. I absolutely love my school because it’s an arts/ theater school and everyone here is super open and accepting so it’s really nice to be surrounded by such great people. It’s really easy to make friends especially because in Finland we have six semesters so we change all of our classes very often. It helps because you make new friends every semester but you also still have your old friends to hangout with. Also I joined a cheer-leading team which definitely helps me to make friends and keep me busy!

Since I’ve been here I’ve felt so at peace with everything. I feel like I have little to worry about since I don’t have to stress about school and it’s been great. It’s still early to say this, but since I’ve gotten to my city and everything I haven’t really missed home at all like I expected to. I rarely think about it and have no desire at all to be there. Although I have had other issues on exchange, luckily homesickness hasn’t been one.

My language skills has improved so much, my grammar is still pretty rough because Finnish grammar is very complicated, but my vocabulary is good and I can speak, read and write very well but I have the most difficulties understanding Finnish but it is improving and I’m working very hard on it.

It’s already winter here in Finland, the leaves are on the ground and it’s below freezing almost everyday. We’ve already had three snows and one of which was really large, which apparently doesn’t happen often. It was so beautiful here when it snowed it felt like Christmas! I’m not going to lie though, the aftermath of the snow was really gross and annoying, but it was worth it. I cannot express how much I love being here in Finland and Exchange in general, I have met so many amazing people and can’t wait to see what the rest of my year holds!

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