Destiny, outbound to Taiwan

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See you later or good byes are never easy and I had to do mine more than once. The first one was after my going away party on Saturday night and I was schedule to leave Sunday morning. My best friend and my cousin spent the night and we stayed up most of the night, all my friends could come to the airport….the perfect send off. I woke and rushed around to get ready and as we were about to load the car and I got the email I was rebooked for the next morning. I called the airline to find out why a whole 24 hour delay and it was a two and half hour wait to speak to customer service. I was NO, let’s drive to airport and talk to someone there. I could see online other flights later on the day flying to Taiwan with open seats. I get to the airport and wait in line to find out flight number two was already canceled. She gave me a different number to call and said they would know why. And the reason I found out was Typhoons (yes, there was more than one in my way). For two days, I tracked those typhoons until I got to finally leave on Tuesday. A school day for my friends so it was just my mom and dad at the airport to send me off. I got to fly over with the other exchange student from our district, Hayden Hulihan. Of course with so many flights canceled and delays we didn’t get to sit next to each other but we really did not care as long as we were on our way. We finally arrived in Taiwan on Wednesday night! I was welcomed with a huge group at the airport, we took a lot of photos together. Then we went to dinner, my host mother ordered me some strange sea food dish platter, it was okay…mostly gross and I almost threw up. The first thing on the dish I tried was the best, a little chewy and I think it was octopus. After we ate we went to my first home here in Taiwan, where a party was waiting for me with another group of people that were waiting for my arrival. My host mom was beyond stress and worried about me making it to Taiwan and I think she was more upset about my delay in arrival then me. At the party I meet three other exchange students staying in the same area as me, two will go to the same school as me. I was so tired but wasn’t allowed to sleep until later that night. 

The next day my host mother woke me up so early, and fed me and sent me out the door with my host brother. It was a crazy first day in Taiwan! It started with me almost getting hit by a scooter, we walked to 7-11 but there are no sidewalks so you walk on the street with the speeding cars and the crazy scooters. At 7-11 we meet up with other the other exchange students, we got on a bus, then switched buses, and arrived at the National Palace Museum, it was so pretty! Beautiful mountains in every direction. The museum had so many cool things, but no photographs were allowed. The exhibits ranged from fans, digital art, to furniture and bronze pieces. After looking at everything in the museum we got on a bus, when we got off we got on the MRT. The MRT is so fast, we had to switch trains too, but when we got off the MRT we were at a night market. It was really interesting. We arrived early so it wasn’t that busy but later into the evening it got very busy. There were so many strange things, one of the strangest was a game. The game was for little kids, but they were like hooking real live shrimp and turtles. I felt bad for the shrimp and turtles. I saw a lot of squid in many different forms. I tried new drink, it was banana milk, and it was so delicious! My first full day in Taiwan was crazy and fun! I am beyond thankful to family and to RYE 6970 for this once in life opportunity.