Disney World Weekend for Inbound Students

Each year in December or January, all Inbound Students come together at Disney World, Orlando. It's four fun days, visiting Epcot, Magic Kingdom, MGM Studios and Animal Kingdom.

2017 Information

All students are to arrive between 10:00 AM and 12:00 Noon on Thursday, at the Disney All Star Movies Resort, to meet up with RYE-Florida chaperones, who will distribute room keys and park tickets. The schedule is to go to Animal Kingdom on Thursday, Magic Kingdom on Friday, Epcot Center on Saturday, and Disney Hollywood Studios on Sunday. We will leave for home mid-afternoon on Sunday.

The cost of the hotel rooms, the Disney park tickets, the pizza and pool party on Friday night, and the special dinner at Epcot Center on Saturday, are all paid for by the student’s host Rotary clubs. Students should bring money for other meals and souvenirs.

You will be staying in a hotel, which will provide towels, pillows, blankets, etc. Four students will be housed in each room. Each room has two double beds. If you’re unwilling to share a bed, you might consider bringing a sleeping bag. Boys are not allowed in girls’ rooms, and girls are not allowed in boys’ rooms, at any time. Keep in mind that there are many other guests at the hotel, so excessive noise will not be tolerated. The cost of the hotel rooms, the Disney park tickets, the pizza and pool party we will have on Friday night are all paid for by your host Rotary clubs, as well as dinner Saturday night at EPCOT, so be sure to thank them for the opportunity. Remember to bring extra money for other meals and souvenirs.

We'd recommend that you take along a jacket or sweater – it can be cool this time of year in Orlando. But also bring your swimsuits, as the hotel pools are open and heated. Otherwise, bring casual clothes and shoes that you can walk all day in. Do NOT bring your Rotary blazer.

IMPORTANT:  In order to receive your Disney tickets when you get there, you MUST bring the form we emailed all students several weeks before this event, signed by you and one of your host parents, and give it to the chaperons when you arrive at the hotel. Please do not forget – this is important. Do not send it by mail or e-mail to your district chair or to RYE-Florida. BRING THE SIGNED FORM WITH YOU TO DISNEY WORLD!

No form; to ticket, no stay - you will be sent home. 

 Also, as a further reminder, be sure that you have your medical insurance card and your Rotary ID cardwith you at Disney, and at all times. We certainly hope that you won’t need to use it, but you should always have it with you.

Schedule and details might change at any time. Please check your emails!

*** Check In locations in the parks

Check In Places
You must check in with your District Chaperones at each of the following times and places:

Thursday at Animal Kingdom: 
Thursday at Animal Kingdom: Check in is at the Tree of Life (center of the park) at 2:00pm and again at 5:00pm.
PARK HOURS 9:00am-8:00pm.
Friday at Magic Kingdom: 
You will go into the park via bus in the morning for our special Youth Education Program (YES Program).  Buses depart at 7am.  PLEASE listen to the Disney staff when they are talking about what you will do next. Talking to each other while the leader is speaking or wandering away from the group is not permitted. Please stay within your assigned group during the education portion of the day. Our meeting place for this day is 2:00pm in front of the statue of Walt Disney at the end of Main Street. Plan accordingly when leaving the park, as transportation back to the hotels this night may take additional time. You must be back at the hotel before 7:00pm to attend the Pizza Party.  
PARK HOURS 8:00am- 6:00pm.  
Saturday at Epcot: 
The first check in will be at 2:00pm by the large Christmas tree as you enter the World Showcase (the back part of Epcot where the different buildings of the world are located).  The second check in will be at 5pm in front of the Italian Pavilion where we will take a group picture. We will next meet at the American Adventure Pavilion for dinner at 8:00pm. After dinner we will have a reserved place to watch the laser/fireworks show near the Italian Pavilion. Please be sure to be at the meeting place for dinner by 7:50pm and wait to leave until the Disney chaperone comes to take us to the viewing site.
PARK HOURS 9:00am- 9:30pm. 
Sunday at Hollywood Studios: 
Today each student must meet with the chaperones from their district to decide where to store their baggage and what time they will leave the park. All rooms must be vacated by 11:00am.
PARK HOURS 9:00am- 8:00pm.