Elle, outbound to Brazil

I've been a bad exchange student and haven't put sent any journals as I have been 6 months into my exchange- I have been just having way too much fun here! I am now making some down time to share everything about my adventure I have not yet to share.

Here are some photos from my Brazil Rotary Exchange Student Orientation week in the mid of September 2015. I got to spend my 19th birthday with another 30 some exchange students from around the world going through the same emotions and experiences as me now, and how great it felt to open up and bond as we began our journey of learning the culture and language of Brazil.

During this week, we stayed in a "sleep away" camp type of place in the city of Contagem, and we spent our mornings studying our new language: Portuguese, day time traveling to Minas Gerais tourist cities of Inhotim, Mariana, and Mariana, and then our nights playing "ice breaker" games.

I can't believe how long it's been since that week already, and what an impact it has made on me.

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