Elle, outbound to Brazil

My first month in Brazil was awesome. I remember the exhilarating feeling of stepping off the plane, feeling a little frantic about not getting lost, trying to find my host family, make a good impression, look nice and all. I embraced them in my arms for the first time, hug and pecked on the cheek the Brazilian way, and feeling the sunshine hit on me as I admired the environment of my new city around me when I stepped outside. At that time Brazil was still in Spring, and the light air felt refreshing after a hot summer in Florida. As we drove off to encounter the new place I would be calling home for the next 6 months, the first markings of culture shock began to hit me: the roads made of stone made for a bumpy ride, all the streets went up and down and curved and sideways and in infinite directions, the Brazilians had their own kind of "driving habits", I could already tell I was in for quite the experience here. And that, I was. I have adapted to this and many other changes similarly to become one with a new culture.