Georgia, outbound to Italy

I would like to start out my first Journal entry by first thanking Rotary or anyone who has helped me with this amazing experience!!

I arrived in Naples, Italy on September 3rd, 2015. I was greeted by my host mother, my host sister, and my host cousin who were standing right in front of the crowd waiting for people with a huge sign that read, “Benventura in Italia Georgia” or Welcome to Italy Georgia! We then went straight to the coffee shop in the airport where I drank my first Italian espresso.

I live in a small town in Naples, Italy called San Giuseppe Vesuviano. I will attend school next week in Ottaviano which is the next town over, also only about 10 minutes away from my house! The first day I arrived my host sister and her friend took me to a little coffee shop hang out that is on Mt. Vesuvius! People hangout and drink coffee or Coca-Cola and play cards or just talk. There are so many trees and it’s nice and cool up there so its good to go on hot days! This is one of my favorite spots so far. Everyone I meet is so interested in me and wants to know more and more! My host sister just came back in July from being on exchange in Canada for a year so her English is very good and it really helps when it comes to meeting new people and them asking me a lot of questions.

I love my host family. My mother Anna, My father Luigi, my sister Antonia, and my other host sister who is currently on exchange in Bennedetta,Texas. They are sweet, understanding, and truly want me to have the best exchange! I cannot imagine leaving them and I have only been here for a week. Over the weekend my family took me to their Vacation home in Santa Maria, which is about an hour away from my host town and is on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The water is crystal clear and the town is very old and beautiful. It has houses going all up the side of the mountain and one night we ate dinner on the top! It was so much fun.

Because my sister and I are in our final year of high school (did I mention I will have school on Saturday?) a lot of her friends are having 18th birthday parties which are equivalent to an American 16th birthday party. They are at these amazing venues and all their friends and family are invited. There’s music, Dancing, food, and at the end they play a sweet video their family makes of them growing up. After the video they have a huge cake with big candles that they blow out, then they take about 50 pictures with all their different friend groups and family members.

A normal day for me is waking up around 10am, eating a big lunch at approximately 2pm then resting, then going to hangout with friends or my host family, then eating a light dinner at around 10pm. Although I am still adjusting, everyday I am here I feel more at home. As soon as I was with my family and saw my new home for the first time I knew this was where I was meant to be.

Believe Rotary when they tell you they will find you the perfect place for YOU. I feel as though I am right where I belong and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else! Things already seem like they are going by so fast and I don’t want to miss a second of it.

I will update soon once school starts again. Ciao!!

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